If you’re exploring your options for lasting fat reduction, we commend you for doing your research to see what treatment might be the best option for you. One of the common inquiries we get at Bodify is “what is recovery time like after CoolSculpting Elite?,” and it’s an understandable concern as we all have busy lives and little time to be down for the count! 

Before we get to answering that question, you should know that Bodify is a premier medical spa located in Phoenix and Scottsdale, and we specialize in CoolSculpting Elite, a revolutionary technology that freezes stubborn fat cells away for good! ALL we do is CoolSculpting Elite, and so we definitely consider ourselves experts, and we proudly boast of our status as the number one CoolSculpting provider in the entire state of Arizona (and fourth in the nation!) because we’ve performed more fat-freezing treatments than anyone else. If you’re curious about the recovery time after CoolSculpting Elite or have any other questions about CoolSculpting, we’d love to be your resource for information. 

What Should You Expect as a Bodify CoolSculpting Elite Patient?

Someone considering non-invasive CoolSculpting Elite as a fat-reduction treatment will first need to have an initial consultation with Bodify’s CoolSculpting Elite experts. During this consultation, your needs and goals will be discussed, and a personalized treatment plan will be created specifying the recommended number of treatments, the length of each session, and cost.  While one session will result in a noticeable reduction of stubborn fat, many patients benefit from more than one treatment session.  This initial (and always complimentary!) consultation is a great way to get all of your questions answered!

Once we’ve established your unique treatment plan with us, we’ll schedule you to visit one of our two Valley locations.  An actual CoolSculpting Elite procedure can be completed in as few as 35 minutes, and every patient experiences different sensations.  One of our amazingly redesigned Elite applicators will be placed on the area of stubborn fat you want to target (and nearly any part of the body can be treated!), and as the applicator adheres to the body, there is slight sucking sensation, followed by the signature cooling effect.  Anesthesia is not necessary, but you may experience sensations of tugging, mild pinching, intense cold, tingling or cramping; however, these sensations subside as the area becomes numb.  If you are treating more than one area, the appointment time will obviously be longer, but we also have multiple applicators that can work on multiple areas of the body at the same time.  Your certified CoolSculpting Elite technician will then massage the treated area following the procedure to reduce side effects and increase the fat freezing process. 

What’s Recovery Time Like After CoolSculpting Elite? 

We understand that we all have busy lives and most of us can’t afford a long, painful recovery process!  Since Dangers of CoolSculpting Bodify leading CoolSculpt provider AZ CoolSculpting Elite doesn’t require cutting into the skin meaning it’s a non-invasive, non-surgical option, there’s no real downtime! Following your CoolSculpting Elite treatment, you may have some mild pain or discomfort come and go, but that’s it! Some patients report itching and swelling, but that can depend on what area of the body was treated; the most vulnerable area typically being the abdomen.  In fact, patients actually benefit from immediate and consistent light exercise following treatment! So, you can quickly get back to your normal lifestyle!  How cool is that? 

So, if you’ve been frustrated by stubborn fat bulges that haven’t budged no matter how much you exercise or eat healthy, let’s talk!  The team at Bodify is ready to freeze your fat away, and we can promise you that you won’t have to worry about a long recovery process.  You’ll be quickly on your way to looking and feeling your best!