Our CoolSculpting Elite Results Are Blowing Us Away

At Bodify, we’ve done CoolSculpting for over 6.5 years. We’ve successfully completed 25,000 and counting treatments. We have loved CoolSculpting from day one.

Allergan, the parent company for CoolSculpting hasn’t made many changes to the technology over the last 10 years (because it is a consistent and predictable technology when it comes to non-invasive and lasting fat reduction)! So when they make a change, you pay attention.CoolSculpting Elite Applicators

The new CoolSculpting Elite applicators have been totally redesigned. The new design allows us to get 96% acceptable tissue contact vs. 67%. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a fat-freezing expert to know better contact means better results.

In our experience, and we’ve had the new CoolSculpting Elite since October 2020, our clients are seeing better and faster changes than ever before.

In fact, we treated one of the co-founder’s husband’s flanks. On one flank we did the CoolSculpting Elite and on the other flank, we did the legacy device. You guessed it, he is now lopsided and hopeful his wife will even him out.

We talk with prospective clients all the time and one of the biggest questions we still hear, is all I care about is price, the machine is the same so all places will get me results.

This is so very far from the truth. Think of a haircut- everyone has scissors, doesn’t mean the outcome is the same, or what about Botox, ever seen a person whose Botox Went Wrong- it wasn’t the Botox, it was the injector.

We wish it weren’t true, but we fix bad outcomes all the time. People have budgets and they care about saving money, we understand that, but when doing those things compromises your results, we’d rather you do no fat-freezing than fat freezing in the wrong hands. Your results will last, don’t you want them to be beautiful and exciting.

Many offices in the Arizona Valley have not invested in the new CoolSculpting Elite system. They don’t do enough CoolSculpting to warrant the upgrade. At Bodify, we upgraded because we believe our clients deserve the very best technology and this is it!

our coolsculpting elite results are blowing us awayIn order to combat their decision to offer subpar technology, they are dropping the prices, making it even more enticing to go to a discount provider that offers outdated technology.

At Bodify we are waving the upgrade fee and still offering the same great pricing we always have. What’s more, we guarantee results, are the #1 account in AZ and the #4 CoolSculpting provider in the nation based on volume, you’ll feel a palpable difference when you walk through our doors. Our office is highly trained not only to get you killer results but to treat you like gold every step along the way. The client experience is a lost art and Bodify thinks that’s a shame and has put serious focus and emphasis on this from day one!

We can’t wait to have you in, chat fat freezing, body shaping, and body contouring with the new and improved CoolSculpting Elite to see if it’s a fit for you. If it is, there is NO place better than Bodify to freeze your fat- we guarantee it!