how much fat can i expect coolsculpting elite to remove

When considering refining your silhouette with Coolsculpting Elite, it is essential to understand what it can and can’t do for you! Perhaps you’ve recently achieved significant weight loss through diligent dieting and an active exercise regimen… maybe you’ve recovered from a gastric operation or other medical procedure. However, you still find that you have areas of body fat you’d like to see reduced or eliminated. Have you noticed unwanted fat in places like your chin, chest, underarms, or back of your knees? CoolSculpting Elite may help you regain your confidence and keep you tighter and looking lighter.

CoolSculpting Elite is a safe, non-surgical FDA-cleared system that allows you to reduce visible fatty areas of your body by as much as 20 to 25 percent fat with each treatment session in just 1 to 4 months. Through the use of a versatile and adaptable applicator, this device applies freezing technology to the stubborn fat at your skin’s surface, freezing it, killing it, and leaving it to your body’s lymphatic system to flush from your body completely. This freezing procedure, clinically defined as “cryolipolysis,” is fast, targeted, efficient, requires little to no downtime or anesthesia, and leaves you feeling rejuvenated as your body finishes the process of elimination.

CoolSculpting Elite precisely targets areas of stubborn fat, freezing them upon contact. Dead fat cells are of no benefit to your body, and your lymphatic system gradually and naturally eliminates those dead fat cells over the next 1 to 4 months – forever!

You may have multiple areas of your body treated at one time, with noticeable, significant results achievable over 1 to 4 months following your individualized treatment. Most Bodify clients focus on reducing unwanted fat in 1-3 areas. Full transformation happens over two office visits or more which are typically spaced out by 4 weeks.

Once you have scheduled your initial consultation, we will evaluate the areas most important to you for noticeable results. This will also allow us to understand how many treatments are suggested to achieve these results. Together, we will create your appointments around your busy schedule, with emphasis given to your calendar and your goals.

It is essential to understand that fat cell treatment is not the same as weight loss and will not yield the same results. Fat weighs significantly less than muscle mass, and because of the gradual nature of its elimination from your body, you may not observe any significant change when you step on the scale. Coolsculpting Elite is intended and used to help with contouring and a firmer, more radiant appearance rather than weight loss.

While not immediate, the fat removal results of Coolsculpting Elite are lasting. Your body will not recreate these cells, and they cannot “grow back”. Best results are most often achieved (in conjunction with weight loss enhancement) when recipients are within 10 – 40 pounds of their goal/ideal weight, with total results noticeable within a few short months. If you are within 40 pounds of your ideal weight, it is not necessary for you to lose weight before your Coolsculpting Elite session.

While you will not re-grow fat cells, clients can gain weight following Coolsculpting Elite treatment gradually.

Your complete satisfaction is our sole objective! Call today to schedule your Coolsculpting Elite consultation.