Hormones play a critical role in our lives. In fact, these little guys are responsible for how we respond to food, stress, sleep, exercise and more. They even play a role in our metabolism, if we feel hungry or full, our mood and how we use food for fuel or if it is stored as fat or burned for energy.

The phrase hormone imbalance has been thrown around a lot lately as it seems that as we age, women in particular, our hormones play a huge role in our body’s ability to stay lean and healthy.

There are so many things that play into “hormonal imbalance” that it can be difficult for individuals to figure out exactly what is going on that is leaving them feeling helpless in the aging process.

3 key sensations many medical providers track to determine how on or off track an individual’s hormone levels are can give you as the reader insight. The 3 sensations are hunger, energy and cravings (HEC).

Each individual is unique!

That said, if your 3 key sensations are off, you can’t shed unwanted pounds. This makes total sense, if you are experiencing intense cravings, huge emotional swings and zapped energy, chances are you will have a more difficult time eating properly and exercising adequately.

There are absolutely things you can do to regain balance and take back control of your body and weight.

Three tips:

  1. Record your energy, hunger and craving levels. These can give a person a ton of insight . There are reasons you are craving food at night, or a shot of mid-afternoon caffeine. By paying attention to these things you can begin to tweak and refine your diet, exercise and sleep until you feel better and better all day long.
  2. If HEC is out of balance and your hunger and cravings are high and your energy is low for example, many suggest this can be corrected by increasing your protein intake by 20-30 grams a day. Protein is an excellent macronutrient, stabilizes blood sugar, keeps you full and helps you build lean muscle mass.
  3. Once your HEC is balanced, you can begin to experiment with carbohydrates. Unfortunately, they have gotten a really bad reputation, but the truth is we need carbohydrates. If we eat them in the rght amounts, paired with the right food and at the right time of day, carbohydrates can actually move you closer to the body you want.

Everyone is different, some individuals require more carbohydrates than others. You’ll have to pay attention to your HEC as you experiment so you can easily course correct if necessary.

So what happens if your hormones are balanced and you still can’t shed the weight?

That is when working smarter, and not just harder becomes a great option.

Each of us has a certain percentage of diet and exercise resistant fat. It is different for each of us. That is why two individuals, who are the same gender and eat and exercise the same can have very different bodies.

At Bodify, we talk to 100s of men and women during our complimentary consultations who struggle with shedding the diet and exercise resistant fat.

Who wants to never enjoy life and live at the gym in order to have an ideal body? Not me!!

When you eat well and are fairly active but still struggle with stubborn fat, it is ok to seek out other solutions to help you get the body you want.

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