Hormonal shifts can leave you feeling like you lost control over your body.

At Bodify we talk to thousands of individuals who are looking for a solution to diet and exercise resistant fat. One of the biggest complaints we hear from aging women is that their body is shifting in ways they are not happy about and it seems to be getting harder and harder to shed fat and have a desirable body.

Sometimes women even articulate that the old changes in eating and exercise used to give them results immediately and now, even with weeks or months of diet and exercise changes, things are not changing.

How frustrating we know!

Hormonal shifts can wreak havoc on a woman emotionally and also alter her body in ways she never anticipated.

Women will alter their diets, workout like crazy at the gym only to find their less than favorite body parts are getting fatter and fatter versus improving.

It’s overwhelming and frustrating. There comes a time when you can’t keep fighting what is going on and you need an outside solution that works, is effective, safe and is permanent.

It’s not your fault, and you need to stop beating yourself up. Some things are out of your control and it’s ok to look for a solution that works and will allow you to feel more confident in your skin.

At Bodify we believe that when you feel great in your own skin, you impact the world in more meaningful ways.
We’ve all had those tough days where we feel less than beautiful and we can all readily admit when that happens, it impacts how we treat others and ourselves.

So stop the madness and book a complimentary consultation at Bodify to see if CoolSculpting is the solution for you!

We have a sneaking suspicion, if you are a woman with stubborn fat and going through less than fun hormonal shifts, it is the ideal solution that will allow you to regain confidence and get your body back!