Countless men and women come through our doors in search of the best non-invasive fat reduction available. Most of them are healthy, active people who know the most effective way to lose weight and have a toned body is by exercising regularly and eating healthily. But what happens when you still have stubborn fat that simply won’t budge, despite your best efforts? Once upon a time, plastic surgery may have seemed like your only option to effectively reduce the fat on your body that’s been resistant to diet and exercise, but that is definitely no longer the case! There is absolutely no reason to go under the knife and endure painful, invasive plastic surgery and the painful recovery process when technology has advanced so much. For over a decade, CoolSculpting Elite has been the best option for lasting fat reduction as a safe, non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery, and Bodify, Arizona’s number one CoolSculpting Elite provider, can provide you with dramatic results!

What is CoolSculpting Elite?

So, what exactly is CoolSculpting Elite? CoolSculpting Elite is a body contouring technology developed by a CoolSculpting Elite Applicators team of scientists and physicians that freezes your fat away.. for good! Let’s look at why Bodify loves this new CoolSculpting Elite System.  At Bodify, your certified CoolSculpting Elite technician will target your stubborn areas of fat with a controlled applicator that will chill your fat cells to a very cool -9°C for a specific amount of time (sometimes as little as 35 minutes!). Fat cells simply don’t like the cold, so the controlled cooling of your fat cells to such a freezing temperature will cause your body to tell them to die, and they will become crystallized. Your body will naturally flush those crystallized fat cells in as short as a few weeks, leaving a more sculpted you. And once those fat cells are gone – they’re gone for good! We are all born with a set amount of fat cells, so they don’t return once they’re flushed from your system as long as you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. It should be noted that CoolSculpting Elite is not a weight-loss procedure, and clients who are within 5 – 40 pounds of a healthy weight for their height see the best results. And with 9 FDA clearances, nearly any part of the body can be treated!

CoolSculpting Elite: The Best Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

Unlike plastic surgery, CoolSculpting Elite is non-surgical and therefore non-invasive. Some clients may experience sensations of tugging, mild pinching, intense cold, tingling, or cramping; however, these sensations quickly subside as the area becomes numb. And while your fat is being frozen away, no other cells, such as nerve, skin, or muscle cells, are damaged during the process, while invasive surgical options often leave scarring from the incisions. For many of Bodify’s clients, their sessions are actually a relaxing spa-like experience, and many use the time to snooze, read, scroll their phones, or watch television. Since CoolSculpting Elite is an outpatient procedure that doesn’t even require anesthesia, side effects are typically very minor, and there is very little downtime following the procedure. In fact, most clients can resume their normal activity immediately. Most people even benefit from immediate and consistent exercise following their CoolSculpting Elite treatment. Can you imagine going to the gym after undergoing surgery!? Never! But CoolSculpting Elite is so non-invasive that you can get right back into your routine.

As a non-surgical fat-reducing option, CoolSculpting is simply a much safer option than more invasive procedures. I have an event soon is CoolSculpting an option For example, liposuction, like any surgery, can have drastic side effects, such as negative reactions to anesthesia, infection, internal puncture, blood clots, or other serious complications. Plus, pain, swelling, and bruising are common for weeks following liposuction, and a patient will need to schedule time off work and wait for at least a few weeks before resuming exercise or strenuous activity. The complications and significant downtime from plastic surgery don’t seem worth the risk when CoolSculpting Elite is much safer and yields similar results of creating a more contoured look to the body! There’s a reason it’s often referred to as non-surgical lipo!

Why Bodify?

CoolSculpting Elite is ALL we do at Bodify, and when you come in for a free consultation, you’ll quickly understand why we have performed more CoolSculpting treatments than any other provider in Arizona. Our two state-of-the-art facilities blend technological prowess and spa-like comforts, creating an awe-inspiring experience! It’s simply, The Bodify Difference. Our compassionate professionals would love to discuss your goals with you.  Let your confidence take shape!.

About Bodify CoolSculpting Spa

A Coolsculpting Dedicated Boutique

When you decide to have CoolSculpting and permanently remove unwanted fat, it’s a big deal. Other medical spas in Arizona offer CoolSculpting and various other services. While a full-service clinic may seem logical, Bodify is adamant that focusing on ONE technology will give you the best results. You’ll be happy to know our CoolSculpting certified team has performed nearly 36,000 treatments for both men and women to date, and that number keeps growing. Day in and day out, CoolSculpting is all we do, and to say we know it like the back of our hand is an understatement. Each member of the Bodify team has personally undergone CoolSculpting. For some of us… more times than we care to admit!

Every member of the Bodify team has sat on the other side of the table. We understand the intimidation that accompanies bearing your body. We understand the fear of admitting the struggle of not seeing the changes you want through diet and exercise alone. We also understand the uncertainty of undergoing a new procedure. Our reputation among Allergan and other CoolSculpting providers is humbling and exciting. Hundreds of other CoolSculpting providers approached us and asked if we could teach them what we know so they, too, could get their clients exceptional results and deliver a better client experience. We now host monthly training courses through our Bodify Academy. We have 2 Locations to serve you: Bodify Phoenix CoolSculpting, Bodify Gilbert CoolSulpting & Bodify Scottsdale CoolSculpting.