CoolSculpting Elite System poses

As an organization who prides itself of reputation and delivering on its fat-reduction promises, Bodify is beyond thrilled about its ability to offer the new CoolSculpting Elite system to its clients and those who have an interest in non-invasive, effective, and FDA-cleared body contouring.

For over 6 years, Bodify has dedicated itself to one thing and one thing only- fat-reduction. Having performed over 23,000 treatments, making Bodify the most experienced CoolSculpting provider in AZ and a top provider in the world, we love what CoolSculpting offers our clients, how it changes bodies and finally allows people to close the gap between the body they have and the one they want in a non-invasive and lasting way.

It’s such a consistent and predictable technology when done right- yes that’s correct you MUST go to a provider who knows what he/she is doing or your results may suffer.

So when Bodify was able to be an assessment site for the new CoolSculpting Elite system, it was hopeful but not sure if results would be better. They forged ahead and one by one, as CoolSculpting Elite clients came back the Bodify team was amazed and how much faster clients were seeing results and also how much more dramatic results were.

FDA-clearance is a long, expensive, and arduous process, but the good news, Bodify doesn’t need the FDA to verify the claim that the new CoolSculpting Elite system improves fat-reduction results because they have seen it first hand. And not with a few clients, but with every client who used the new system.

As a company who deeply cares about getting clients results they are excited to show off and invest in, having the new CoolSculpting Elite system is music to their ears.

Not all CoolSculpting providers are able to purchase this device, Bodiffy was!

Why? Because of its reputation of excellence and dedication to fat-freezing and non-invasive body contouring. They are the only provider in AZ who was selected to test it and were hand picked by Alleran, an AbbVie company. After seeing better and faster results for months, Bodify knew they needed to invest in the newest fat reducing technology in order to serve its clients, and continue to deliver great body contouring results.

Many providers who are eligible for the upgrade will not take advantage of it. They are not committed to achieving the best results possible and they will continue to use subpar technology fully aware that something better is out there.

Bodify believes this is a recipe for disaster. Bodify always does right by its clients and invests in whatever is necessary to get their clients great results and a stellar experience.