At Bodify, CoolSculpting is the ONLY service we have offered for over 6 years. We’ve done over 25,000 CoolSculpting treatments and find this non-invasive, fat-reduction treatment to be wildly effective when:

  • A person is truly a candidate
  • The provider knows how to build an effective treatment plan
  • Proper expectations are set

Sadly, not all CoolSculpting providers are created equally and there is a massive lack of training and expertise in the industry- did you know most CoolSculpting technicians are trained for just a day or two before they are let loose on your stubborn fat.

At Bodify, each of our masters certified CoolSculpting experts spends 100s and 100s of hours shadowing the two owners, Jessica and Melissa who have done CoolSculpting for 6 and 10 years respectively before they are ever on their own. Our staff works in teams, so the client always has multiple eyes on them to ensure the very best treatment is given and the best results achieved.

Bodify is very active on Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and other social media platforms. We do our best to respond to every comment both positive and negative.

One thing we learned very early on, is that people if they didn’t personally see a great result with CoolSculpting (although they don’t state who did it, if they were a candidate, if they gained weight, or if proper expectations were set), are on a crusade to claim CoolSculpting doesn’t work.

For me, that’s would be similar to saying Keto, paleo, being vegetarian doesn’t work simply because it didn’t work for me.

The technology is rarely to blame, the false expectations, inappropriate treatment plans, and lack of skill by the provider is often the reason a client is underwhelmed.

Does this mean there is not a single person on the planet who was perfect for CoolSculpting, had correct expectations, completed a effective treatment plan, and still didn’t see results, NO!

There is NOTHING in the world that works 100% of the time for 100% of the people. That said, Bodify feels very very strongly that CoolSculpting in the right hands and done of the right people is highly effective and reducing stubborn fat.

Every so often we encounter someone who doesn’t respond and it’s the worst! However, we have a process to address this and ensure we do everything in our power to get those fat cells out of there! In 25,000 treatments we have had less than 100 people who truly didn’t respond to CoolSculpting. Considering people spend a huge amount of time, energy, and effort on diets, exercises, pills, and gimmicks to drop that stubborn fat, we feel CoolSculpting is nearly a foolproof way to say goodbye to stubborn fat one and for all.