Can CoolSculpting Elite Be Done More Than Once?

Bodify is the best CoolSculpting Elite provider in Scottsdale and Phoenix you’ll find, and for good reason. It’s ALL we do, and we’ve performed over 26,000 CoolSculpting treatments on men and women who have simply wanted to feel more confident in how they look. Nearly everyone has stubborn fat, and sometimes that fat won’t budge with just diet and exercise, so we take great pride in being able to help others target those areas of fat with our unparalleled expertise and knowledge.  We always offer complimentary consults, and some of the most common questions we get are – “How many CoolSculpting Elite sessions will I need?” or “Can CoolSculpting Elite be done more than once?” The answer to that first question always varies from person to person depending on a large number of factors, but to that second question – YES! You can maximize your results with multiple CoolSculpting Elite sessions. Let’s talk about it!

More CoolSculpting = More Fat Loss

can coolsculpting elite be done more than onceThere are many reasons CoolSculpting is “the coolest,” but one of the biggest reasons millions and millions of people around the world love it is because it works! It’s based on the science of cryolipolysis, which refers to how fat cells crystallize when subjected to freezing temperatures. When you come in for CoolSculpting Elite at Bodify, a controlled applicator is placed on the targeted area by one of our amazing technicians (be sure to check out: Why Provider Choice Matters”), and the area is “frozen,” leaving skin, muscle tissue, and other cells unharmed. Over the course of a few weeks, the dead fat cells are flushed from your system, leaving the targeted area more contoured and defined, sans fat! 

So – to answer the question – can CoolSculpting Elite be done more than once?  YES.  Since CoolSculpting Elite is entirely safe and noninvasive, you can dramatically reduce your stubborn bulges of fat (on nearly any part of the body!) by freezing them away during multiple treatments.  Each treatment will be performed 4 weeks apart to allow the body enough time to flush away the crystallized fat cells, and while there’s no limit as to how many treatments a client can undergo, it’s important to maintain realistic expectations and to trust the process. And to trust us – we pride ourselves on being transparent and honest with every client who walks through our door.  We got you!

How Many CoolSculpting Elite Sessions Will I Need?

We know you’re probably looking for a definitive answer, but truly – it depends! Just like your body is not like anyone else’s, neither is a CoolSculpting Elite treatment plan. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to fat-freezing and body contouring technologies. That’s why it’s so important for us to be able to meet with you personally to discuss your goals and answer your questions – all of our consultations are complimentary and always, always, always free of pressure and judgement, so don’t hesitate to book yours as soon as possible. 

Here’s what we can tell you – the number of CoolSculpting Elite sessions you’ll need will depend on your goals, how committed you are to healthy living, the number of areas you want treated, as well as the surface area. Generally speaking, most patients receive 1-3 CoolSculpting Elite treatments in each area they want treated.  Of course, we understand that your time is valuable and we want to maximize your results with even just one session!  One of the many things that sets Bodify apart from our competitors is that each of our locations has multiple applicators available so we can freeze fat away on multiple parts of your body all during one relaxing session. And you can even do a consultation and treatment on the same day! 

Invest in Yourself With Bodify

If you’re searching for non-invasive body contouring options that work, CoolSculpting Elite checks every box. It’s safe, effective, and affordable (especially when compared with invasive surgical options!). If you’re in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area and are curious about how CoolSculpting Elite can help you look and feel your best, Bodify has two amazing locations, and has a team of experienced, compassionate professionals waiting to answer your questions.  Get in touch today to set up a free consultation, either in person or virtually, and you’ll be well on your way to feeling the confidence you deserve!