aging hair headerGray may be the “it” color in design, decorating, and fashion, but what about for hair? Is gray aging hair hot or not? Many of our clients are of the age to be asking that question. And while many women—and men—choose to color their grays, a more natural look can also be beautiful.

Let’s take a look at coloring as we help you find the answer to the question so many of you are asking about your aging hair: Should I color my grays?

Color Confidence

Want to amp up your confidence levels? Research reveals that many women become more confident after dyeing their hair, including in the workplace. If you’ve been feeling taken over by milennials at work, a younger color may be just the trick to overcome your apprehensions.

When it comes to color, aging hair can be made young again with more than just browns, reds, and blonds. Fantasy colors are all the rage now, and depending on the industry in which you work, you may be able to experiment a bit. Ever wanted pink or green hair? Now is the time to go wild!

Extra Benefits for Aging Hair

Whether you color to hide aging hair or you’re looking for a new and exciting look, coloring your hair comes with cool bonus benefits, including:

  1. Body boost: Coloring plumps the hair shaft temporarily
  2. Enhanced shine: Different hues can reflect light differently and create dimension
  3. Thicker trick: For thinning hair, not only does coloring plump the hair shaft, it also can create the illusion of more hair

Coloring your hair can also give your look new zing! Just because you were born with one hair color doesn’t mean it best suits your look or your skin tone. Coloring your aging hair with subtle highlights or lowlights, or a full-on color change, can completely change how you look and feel.

Feeling That Natural Feel

aging gray hairWant to go gray and embrace your aging hair? It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Your stylist can help your transition, blending in gray roots and easing out your current color until your natural grays are ready to take center stage. You don’t have to look like Lily Munster or Cruella de Vil—unless you want to!

Women today choose to go gray for all kinds of reasons: cost savings, self-esteem and self-acceptance, natural health and lifestyle goals, and even challenging age discrimination in the workplace. Today, you could see both a 50 something and a 20 something with silver hair. That’s because everyone is embracing fun colors, regardless of age.

Whatever your age and whether you have aging hair or not, your hair color is your choice and is certainly a statement about who you are and who you strive to be—and that’s beautiful.

Embrace Your Age with CoolSculpting

At Bodify, we are all about beauty, no matter what your age. Or what color your hair is. We specialize in CoolSculpting, which is the perfect choice to keep your body healthy and vibrant. While you are living your focused life, complete with diet and exercise, you may not be able to target all of those pesky areas. CoolSculpting can. In just about 30 minutes, our trained technicians will freeze excess fat cells. Those dead cells will be flushed from your body naturally during the next few weeks.

So whether you embrace the gray in your aging hair, are staying with natural colors of youth, or are getting vibrant with rainbow hues, your body will keep pace. Contact us to learn more about why Bodify is Arizona’s #1 CoolSculpting boutique.