coolsculpting applicatorsWhy Can’t I Use Few CoolSculpting Applicators & Save Money?

As the #1 CoolSculpting provider (based on actual number of treatments done) in AZ, we often hear, I went to xyz medspa and they said I can use a different applicator or fewer applicators, why won’t you do that?!

First and foremost because we respect our clients and would never want you to have a underwhelming or bad outcome. Often when an office tells you, you can do fewer applicators or different applicators, they are either NOT experienced and don’t know their plan will leave you with either no results or bad results, or they are trying to fit CoolSculpting to YOUR budget.

While we understand that everyone has a budget, our integrity would much rather have someone not move forward with CoolSculpting until they can make the financial investment, vs. change their treatment plan to fit their budget and hope and pray you don’t get a horrible fat-freezing outcome.

All we do at Bodify is CoolSculpting, so trust us when we say we have seen far too many people come to us asking if we know how to fix them as a less capable provider used the wrong applicator or under treated them leaving them with a botched outcome that they desperately want fixed. In some cases, we can fix it, and now the person is paying for more, and in other cases, we can’t. CoolSculpting works beautifully, so if the wrong applicator is selected or not enough applicators are used, and fat is removed in an unnatural way- that result lasts forever!

Wouldn’t you rather invest one time to transform your body? We think so!

In our 20,000 treatments there are less than two handfuls of people who had an appropriate fat pocket to use one applicator across it. Everyone else had fat that sat in a way and was too long and wide for a single applicator to do the job. At Bodify we want you to be a smaller version of yourself not a botched art project!

There is a HUGE lack of training in AZ when it comes to fat-freezing, body-sculpting and CoolSculpting. It makes sense, many offices hear and see how well CoolSculpting works so they purchase the machine, train their team for a few hours and let them loose on YOUR body. The problem is, CoolSculpting is an art, one that takes time, energy and a lot of training to perfect.

How many other services is your technician responsible for each day, do you believe he/she can do all of those things expertly or do you intrinsically know you can’t be the master of all things!

At Bodify we have perfect CoolSculpting, because it’s all we do. We have done over 20,000 treatments, train other offices around the country on how to get superb outcomes, and everyone on our team has been certified by Allergan and has 1000s of hours of treatments under their belts. Your body is our business and we believe very passionately that you deserve the very best outcomes so we would never undertreat you or build an ineffective treatment plan that leaves you with no results or a bad CoolSculpting result.

Trust the experts, 1000s of others have and chances are, you know someone who is walking around feeling better and more confident in their skin because of CoolSculpting at Bodify.