When you are looking for solutions to rid your body of stubborn and unwanted fat, it is critical to understand what it is in the first place. Why? At Bodify we’ve done thousands of complimentary consultations and time and again I hear men and women beating themselves up, thinking that if they just ate a little better or worked out a little harder the unwanted fat would melt.

While in some cases, people do need to actually eat better and be active, each of us has a certain percentage of diet and exercise resistant fat. So no matter how much effort we put into activities or how restricted our diet is, the fat cells don’t bulge.

This can leave us feeling frustrated and confused. I often hear, “I’m doing everything I know how, and that little bit of fat won’t budge.”

That is why CoolSculpting is a phenomenal solution. It allows us to target diet and exercise stubborn fat that isn’t going away because it is designed to hang around.

When you eat food, your body breaks into down into a variety of substances. One of those substances is blood sugar. When this happens, the body also releases insulin. This hormone opens up the cells and allows the sugar to be taken out of the bloodstream and into your cells where is can be used or stored in your fat cells if it is not needed in that moment to fuel you.

When you are in the fueled state, any excess glucose is stored in the fat cells.

When your body transitions out of the “fueled state” and if you are not putting more fuel into the body, the body will tap into the fat cells for the stored glucose to fuel your activities and keep your blood sugar stable.

In order for the body to tap into the fat cell and be able to release and utilize the “fat cell” energy, the body produces chemicals called “catecholamines.”

Every fat cell has two types of receptors for these catecholamines.

  1. Alpha-2
  2. Beta-2

In a nutshell, Beta-2 receptors speed up fat mobilization (pulling it from the cell and using it for energy) where as Alpha-2 receptors hinder it.

So fat that tends to melt easy and respond quickly to diet and exercise changes have more Beta-2 receptors. And the stubborn hard to melt fat has more Alpha-2 receptors.

Hopefully that put all those who eat well and work their butt off at the gym a little at ease. You can rest assured it’s not about what you are doing or not doing, it is simply science.

And that is one reason we at Bodify, a CoolSculpting only boutique, are so stinking grateful for the CoolSculpting technology. It helps women and men regain confidence as they reshape their body with the FDA-cleared, safe, effective and non-invasive technology.

We welcome you to call us to ask any questions you may have. Our complimentary consultations help individuals discover what results they want to achieve and what treatment plan they want to pursue.

Melissa and I can’t wait to have you in!