At Bodify, the #1 CoolSculpt provider in AZ based on actual number of treatments done (so don’t be fooled by places claiming to be the “top” “premier”, “leading” or biggest”) we have talked to thousands and thousands of people who’ve done CoolSculpting within our four walls and in other states. After doing 20,000 treatments we feel there are only a handful of reasons a person won’t get a result:

  1. The person was not a candidate but the office treated him/her anyway. Often, when an office doesn’t have a guarantee, they don’t necessarily care if your outcome is good, bad, or nothing happens so they treat people who aren’t a good candidate. Or the office is inexperienced so they don’t understand what type of fat responds to the technology so they use it on anyone which leaves people with no results, or worse, a bad coolsculpting result!
  2. An improper treatment plan was used. CoolSculpting and fat freezing is an art. Each person’s body fat presents differently (thus changing which applicators are used and how they are placed) and if someone doesn’t understand how the technology works and how to pick the right applicators, your outcome can either be bad, or you won’t see one. In either case you’ve wasted your money and are left with an undesirable outcome.
  3. Improper expectations were set. We’ve talked to a lot of people who said “coolsculpting didn’t work!” When we dug farther, we learned they had been told by an offices a variety of things that flat out, are not true. Such as, you’ll see results in a few weeks, all your fat will go away, you only need to do CoolSculpting one time, you don’t have to maintain your lifestyle, CoolSculpting helps with visceral fat, CoolSculpting is perfect for cellulite and lose skin, or CoolSculpt is a quick and easy fix. All of these statements aren’t true and when someone expects one thing and receives another, of course they feel the technology didn’t deliver. The truth is, the office or person mislead you or lacks the training necessary to articulate how the technology works and what it can achieve for you. CoolSculpting works beautifully when done by the right professional!
  4. Your fat cells are wrapped up in down comforters and need a 2nd eviction notice. Of course, we are being a bit tongue and cheek with this statement, but it’s true. Every so often we encounter a person who is perfect for CoolSculpting, they have perfect fat, we build a great treatment plan, the client does everything they are supposed to do, and the fat just didn’t budge at all or as much as it should for the treatment plan executed! It’s so frustrating, but at Bodify we felt these people shouldn’t be left high and dry. So we retreat non-responders for free as long as they do their part and maintain their weight. Every technology on the planet can be ineffective for a subset of the population. With most aesthetic procedures, the percentage is high, with CoolSculpting it is exceptionally low! It’s one of the reasons we love CoolSculpting. Before you get nervous think about it, 100 people can all do the same diet, some respond great, some, ok and some not at all. Fortunately for CoolSculpting it works exceptionally well when done by the right professional and if those darn fat cells don’t leave, Bodify does what’s right and treats that area(s) for free!