When Bodify opened our doors in 2015 as a premier medical spa serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the surrounding areas, we decided to focus solely on CoolSculpting. We quickly solidified ourselves as Arizona’s number one CoolSculpting provider and reign as top 4 in the nation, and we aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Plus, now that we have over 24,000 CoolSculpting treatments under our belts, we are so proud to be the Valley’s first (and currently ONLY) CoolSculpting Elite provider!  With the newest CoolSculpting technology available, CoolSculpting Elite, we are committed more than ever to continuing to only offer CoolSculpting Elite to men and women in Phoenix, and here’s why.

Why Bodify Exclusively Offers CoolSculpting Elite

There are certainly a LOT of options out there when it comes to body contouring and fat reduction, but we know from experience that most of those “other” options don’t deliver on their promises. As two fat reduction women who were ecstatic by the prospect of owning a business, we knew we had to do our research and invest in only the best body shaping technology. We searched far and wide, and all roads truly led to CoolSculpting… and now, CoolSculpting Elite. 

First and foremost, we loved how the technology of CoolSculpting Elite is literally based on science. If you haven’t – check out our earlier blog: CoolSculpting Elite: Started With Popsicles, Now We’re Here, which explains the science and technology behind freezing away fat cells to leave a more contoured look on nearly any area of the body. Furthermore, we became committed to focusing solely on CoolSculpting because it’s safe, non-invasive, FDA-cleared, and effective. When we first began CoolSculpting, it wasn’t near as popular or widespread as it is today, but it still had a great reputation! The science behind the technology was sound, and the word on the street from both providers and clients was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. In business, reputation is everything, so we just knew we needed to commit ourselves to an effective and safe option. We knew from the beginning that men and women would be trusting us with their biggest insecurities, so we chose to invest in a technology that delivers amazing results! 

We were blown away from the beginning by the consistent results delivered by CoolSculpting, so when Allergen chose as one of only 10 providers in the nation to assess the newest, most innovative version of CoolSculpting – CoolSculpting Elite, we jumped on the chance! The applicator shape was redesigned and made to be larger, so it’s able to evenly freeze more fat cells, so since October of 2020, we’ve seen more dramatic results on both and women in less time than before! 

Bodify is Proud to Be The Valley’s Number One CoolSculpting Elite Provider

Electing to exclusively offer CoolSculpting in the beginning, and now CoolSculpting Elite, has afforded us the ability to be the master of one technology, versus the jack of all trades. We continue to stand behind the technology with confidence and have a HUGE repository of our own client “before and after photos” that clearly demonstrate just how well CoolSculpting Elite works at getting rid of stubborn and unwanted fat! We’ve proudly built our business on a commitment to transparency and an environment of no judgement and no pressure, so if you are curious about how CoolSculpting Elite at Bodify can help you feel and look your best, let’s talk.