when diet & exercise fail to get rid of stubborn fat, freeze it away with coolsculpting elite

You watch what you eat, eat pretty well “most of the time,” stay active, and are conscious about keeping your body in motion. You’ve tried eating programs, pills, food delivery, replacement shakes, lotions, potions, gym memberships, trainers, and everything in between. But no matter how hard you work or how vigilant you are about sticking to your eating plan, at the end of the day, when you look in the mirror, you think, “for how hard I work, this is not the body I should have or want!”

You are not alone, millions of men and women out there eat well and stay active, but due to genetics, hormones, aging, environmental factors, and much more, bodies don’t change in the ways we want.

Perhaps weight comes off our butt, but stays on our stomachs; perhaps we inherited our dad’s man boobs or our mom’s saddlebags, or maybe life just happened. When we look in the mirror, rather than having loving thoughts flow through our heads, we hear less than kind comments about our inability to get rid of fat, look like we used to, have the willpower to change, fit in our clothes, or stick to any new eating or workout program we swore would be the perfect one.

As humans, we want to look and feel our best, and there is nothing wrong with staying active, eating well, and adding a non-invasive, safe, effective fat-reduction technology to the mix so we can finally see changes in our trouble spots. Maybe it’s your stomach, flanks, love handles, bra fat, arm fat, armpit fat, chin fat, or outer or inner thigh fat that bothers you every time you look in the mirror.

You want change, you’ve worked towards change, you’ve cried or been frustrated with the lack of change, and you’ve almost given up hope. But you don’t need to!

CoolSculpting Elite is the solution you are looking for. It’s the answer to your stubborn fat, it’s the technology that will finally do what so many others have promised yet failed to do, get rid of stubborn fat once and for all in a non-invasive and FDA cleared way.

Now that you know CoolSculpting Elite is the answer to your stubborn fat, what is your next step? Finding the most qualified and capable provider so you know you’ll get a beautiful result that you are excited to show off and will last.

Not all providers are created equally, and you must pick the CoolSculpting provider who can get you the fat-freezing results you deserve.

A few things that are incredibly important for you to consider as you find a provider for your CoolSculpting treatment are the following:

  • Does the provider guarantee results, Bodify does!
  • Does your providers have 30k+ CoolSculpting treatments under their belt? Bodify does!
  • Does your provider have 1000s of before and after photos to show you so you can see what your outcome will look like? Bodify does!
  • Is your provider certified by CoolSculpting? Bodify staff is!
  • Has your provider completed the master programs? Bodify staff has
  • Is your provider a top provider in the nation? Bodify is
  • Is your provider considered a “center of excellence?” Bodify is

When it comes to your CoolSculpting results, experience and expertise matter more than anything! More than the cost, the fancy marketing, and the promises of how good the provider is at freezing fat, there is no substitute for having 30,000+ CoolSculpting treatments under your belt and a guarantee for results.

Bodify has two Arizona locations. We’d love to invite you for a pressure-free and complimentary CoolSculpting consultation. If you want to see how the treatment feels, we always offer our “try before you buy” CoolSculpting consultation. Our welcoming staff, beautiful locations, the array of our client before and after photos, and our CoolSculpting guarantee will give you the confidence to finally say goodbye to your stubborn fat with CoolSculpting Elite at Bodify.