Our society is overwhelmingly focused on the physical: how we look from the outside. We spend a lot of money, time and energy taking in, dissecting and acting on the information we acquire related to weight loss and inch loss. Conversely, there are some that must engage in weight gain. (“Oh what a nice problem that would be!”) But as different as these polar-opposite goals are—there is a common denominator.

Body Image Fat. How we perceive ourselves, how we see ourselves literally in the reflection of a window as we pass by or stop for a fleeting or lengthy glance in a mirror may differ from our true physical embodiment of self. And the time this misperception is often most evident is after there is a physical enhancement realized. It could be weight loss or inch loss through diet, exercise or CoolSculpting®. Even when we are shown physical evidence of the positive external transformation through measurement: a scale, a tape measure, a skin-fold caliper or BMI ratios there is still the emotional component that must be fed, so to speak. If it is not addressed, we are left with body image fat where the mind has an inflated perception of the actual size of the body.

An emotional disconnect can take place during the process of inch loss. Although we can see concrete proof of our transformation, our mind may not be as accepting of the new reality. For example, consider what goes on in the mind of one who suffers from anorexia. There is a misconception between what the body is and how the mind sees the body. The body, in reality, is unhealthy and too thin but in the mind, the body is perceived as too large.

Many of our clients at Bodify experience the following after a series of CoolSculpting treatments: they do a double-take when seeing a reflection of themselves. Although they consciously know of their physical inch loss, it may take a moment or two for their mind to convert their body transformation into a new found perception of truth.

The mind can often deliver old perceptions of self to the forefront. When we look in the mirror, we bring a certain level of expectation with it. We ‘expect’ to see the vision of ourselves that we have always seen, what we have grown accustomed to before the CoolSculpting took place.

Open up the mind and celebrate your accomplishments made through positive transformation. It will help strengthen self-confidence.