To Pick The BEST CoolSculpting Elite provider, focus on how you FEEL!

Let’s face it, there are a lot of choices when it comes to CoolSculpting providers. But, as Bodify has always said, not all fat-freezing providers are created equally, which means your results can vary!  CoolSculpting Elite is a powerful, non-invasive, FDA-cleared, fat-reduction procedure that has successfully helped millions and millions of people feel better and more confident in their own skin and say goodbye to diet and exercise resistant fat once and for all. But for every success story, there is also someone who spent their hard-earned money on fat-freezing and didn’t love their results. 

Was it CoolSculpting’s fault- not likely. The technology has been proven effective time and again. At Bodify, we have done over 26,000 CoolSculpting treatments and can proudly say that CoolSculpting is insanely effective at getting rid of stubborn fat, so long as the provider knows what to do, how to set expectations, and doesn’t treat people who are not candidates. Nothing frustrates us more than hearing someone say “CoolSculpting doesn’t work!” It’s not true. But what is true, is the massive lack of good CoolSculpting providers. Fat freezing, body contouring and body shaping is an art, not any ole’ person can buy a machine and deliver results. love how you feel

Why you ask?

Your body has a unique shape, the provider needs to understand how the technology works- this doesn’t happen overnight and sadly most offices hire a CoolSculpting technician train them for a day and then let them loose on YOUR BODY! The CoolSculpting provider needs to understand how to mark you body, how to make the right CoolSculpting Elite applicator selection, how to ensure no fat is left behind, how to set proper expectations, how to place the applicators correct and with the natural orientation of the fat bad (so you are not left with a bad outcome), how to administer the post treatment massage correctly and to communicate two very important take home instructions (most offices miss this, and that hampers your results).

Bodify has honed our fat-freezing skills over the last 6.5 years, we guarantee results, we train other providers from around the world, we only show you our own client CoolSculpting before and after photos and we stand behind CoolSculpting results and our work.

Providers who are less capable, would never do this, why, they don’t have the training or expertise necessary to feel 100% confident that what they do will change your body in the way CoolSculpting promises. Don’t’ be duped by those who offer a million technologies. Have you ever heard the phrase, “jack of all trades, master of NONE!” Is this who you want responsible for your body transformation, I’d assume not. Of course, it’s attractive to find a cheap provider, but NOT when it comes to fat freezing. You get what you pay for, and sadly we’ve seen it all. Every month past CoolSculpting patients from different practices come to Bodify and ask, “can you fix this?” In some cases, we can and in some we can’t.

If we can, it costs the person even more money. The number of times I’ve heard people say, I knew it was too good to be true, I knew that where I went felt a bit off, I knew I should have trusted my gut, is astounding. When it comes to products, it’s OK to compare price, if Walmart has the exact same t-shirt as target and it’s cheaper, but it! But with a service there is always an intangible, and that intangible can mean the difference between a gorgeous result that you are thrilled about and a horrible result you are forced to hide.

Everyone says they are the top CoolSculpting providerBodify has never been and will never be the cheapest, but we can promise we are the BEST! 

A bold statement I know, but one we stand behind based on results, reviews, accolades received from Allergan and also that 100s of other CoolSculpting providers across the world have hired us to train them, that doesn’t happen if you aren’t the BEST!