Wondering HOW and IF fat-freezing with CoolSculpting Elite will work for you, but worried about saggy skin after treatment? You’re not alone – at Bodify, we get asked a lot, “Will I get saggy skin after my CoolSculpting treatment?”  When it comes to fat reduction, skin elasticity is a common concern for both men and women. We get it – people I found a great CoolSculpting deal want visible fat reduction, but are worried about whether they’re going to be left with excess, sagging skin following CoolSculpting Elite. 

Until just over a decade ago, invasive, surgical liposuction was really the only solution to get rid of stubborn bulges of fat, and it’s pretty well known such surgical options, like liposuction, can definitely result in loose sagging skin, especially if too much fat is removed. So many people wonder if the same thing will happen after nonsurgical treatments, like CoolSculpting Elite.  Well, here’s the skinny on why clients aren’t left with sagging skin following fat-freezing with Bodify.

CoolSculpting Elite Works Differently Than Surgical Options

Liposuction requires cutting into the skin in the treatment area, breaking up the unwanted fat, and then suctioning it out through a hollow tube to create new contours. There are many different methods of liposuction, but each technique involves basically the same surgical process. Often, the aggressive nature of liposuction to remove fat causes the skin to be damaged in the process and too much fat is removed too quickly, so then the already damaged skin doesn’t have a chance to shrink over time.

Non-surgical CoolSculpting Elite is different. Instead of manually breaking up and removing unwanted fat, our controlled applicators apply extremely cold temperatures externally to freeze the fat cells in the areas our clients want to contour, without damaging the skin or other tissues. Since it’s non-invasive, clients are usually extremely comfortable during their sessions, and then their body naturally expels the crystallized fat cells in as little as 8 weeks, leading to a reduction of up to 20% of fat in the treated area!

The CoolSculpting Elite Difference Means No Sagging Skin!

Most people are anxious to see immediate results from CoolSculpting Elite, but the gradual nature of the results is actually a blessing in disguise!  Since the reduction occurs slowly while your body flushes out the frozen fat cells, the skin has ample time to retract and recover. Skin is actually an extremely elastic organ, so it can usually retract and expand as needed with gradual weight loss and gain. CoolSculpting Elite allows the skin to contract slowly since the fat cells disappear gradually after treatment, reducing the possibility of sagging skin. Think of it this way: if you’ve ever seen extreme weight loss photos (often after someone has had some sort of “stomach stapling” surgery), you’ve seen that when people lose a lot of weight rapidly instead of gradually, the skin doesn’t have time to contract, and that’s why they’re left with excess, hanging skin, that can only be removed with a skin removal surgery.  That definitely won’t happen with CoolSculpting Elite, despite the amazing results!

To further illustrate this point, it needs to be said that CoolSculpting Elite is NOT a weight loss treatment!  While clients will see a dramatic reduction of fat in the areas they have treated, and those areas will be more contoured, CoolSculpting Elite does not cause dramatic weight loss. In fact, CoolSculpting Elite is actually meant for clients who are close to their ideal weight for their height (usually within 5-40 pounds) that just need to contour some problem areas that won’t budge.  During treatment, only a small amount of fat is destroyed, so the skin does not have to go far in order to tighten over the new contours. 

Consult With the Best To Get Your Questions Answered

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