If The Price Of CoolSculpting Seems To Good To Be True, It Is!

Fat freezing is amazing. The CoolSculpting technology, when used correctly gets people lasting, beautiful, and noticeable results. However, you must also remember there are businesses out there looking to make money but not necessarily invest in the technology or their staff!

At Bodify, the #1 Cool Sculpt provider in Arizona based on the actual number of fat-freezing treatments done, routinely goes on Groupon and talks to people to find out what others are doing regarding CoolSculpting.

Just last week, a gentleman came in, he had purchased 4 CoolSculpting sessions plus CryoFreeze for $459. He said he did a lot of research and thought the price seemed low but was hopeful regardless. When he showed up at the office, the staff member started to do the CryoFreeze treatment. At the end with the gentleman said, “when do I do CoolSculpting?” the tech said, “I just need to switch the handpiece over, and we will begin!” Fortunately, this person had done their research and knew that the CoolSculpting machine only does one thing, it freezes fat and doesn’t do more than one modality. In that moment he knew, it was too good to be true!

Fat-freezing, body contouring, body shaping, and fat-reduction are BIG business. So it’s no wonder that there are knock off machines and those who say they offer CoolSculpting when in fact they don’t.

About 6 months ago we had a woman who reluctantly come to us based on a referral. She had done CoolSculpting before and was left with a bad outcome. Her friend had done CoolSculpting with Bodify and pushed her to set a consult to see if we could rectify her arms!

During our consult she told me how the technician had burned her during her CoolSculpting treatment. This of course is a HUGE red flag- CoolSculpting does NOT burn people. The device is incredibly smart and uses freeze detect technology to ensure your skin is safe during the treatment. We also use a pre-treatment wipe to protect the skin, so I immediately knew something was amiss. At some point during the consult we always bring the person back and show them the machine, when I did so, this person looked at the machine in horror and said that is not the one I used before. I let her know there are NOT different versions of the device and this was the real deal. Turns out the deal she purchased at another medspa, although positioned as CoolSculpting, was in fact a different technology.

Not only had she spent $2,350, she got burned, and had a bad outcome! Be careful.

Fake machines aren’t the only danger, cheap pricing can cost you even more in the long run!

If an office doesn’t have any competitive advantage (such as a guarantee, a great reputation, exceptional experience, etc.) it often has to compete on price! And if an office is willing to do that, margins aren’t there and if margins aren’t there, they have to cut costs somewhere. We typically see staff training going away, hiring unqualified people and paying them less, and cutting other corners that can impact your results negatively.

It’s true CoolSculpting in an investment but one we believe is well worth it. Discounted providers are not who you want responsible for your fat-freezing. If you want a great outcome you need to go to an expert!

At Bodify, we’ve done more treatments than anyone, we only do CoolSculpting, we train other CoolSculpting providers from other states, only use our own client before and after photos, and guarantee your results. We’d love to win your business and offer you incredible and affordable CoolSculpting!