At Bodify, we love to set proper expectations. We are the #1 CoolSculpting account, based on actual number of treatments done in the state of Arizona, and when someone comes to us and trusts us with their body transformation, it’s critical that we are honest and upfront about every aspect of the treatment!

Your CoolSculpting results will begin to take place 8 weeks after your treatment (unless you are one of the lucky few who begins to see changes prior to that). My sister is a fast responder, and she sees changes around week 4-6. I am a very slow responder, and I don’t see any changes for 3-3.5 months.

We typically see final results by month 4 (again if you are an early responder, you may see full results prior to month four, and if you are like me, and a bit slower, you could see changes up to 6 months). But we find the vast majority of our clients start to see changes and month 2 and final changes end at month 4.

The great news, we track the progress of all our clients and make sure we get you what we promised! If not, and you’ve maintained your weight, we treat the area(s) for free that didn’t respond (as long as you go to an experienced provider the chances of you NOT responding is very slim.

However, because there a chance, you want to make certain you go to a provider that will stand behind you and the technology and do your treatment for free if you don’t see the anticipated changes! Otherwise you’re not only out your money, you still have your frustrating fat!

Be leery of any CoolSculpt provider who tells you results are faster than 2-4 month or more dramatic than 20-25% with each session. CoolSculpting, while worth the investment and a very predictable and consistent technology, does not offer immediate results. In fact, after the treatment you are sore and tender, and some people even feel a bit inflamed. So if you have an engagement coming up that is important to look and feel a certain way, you have two options:

  1. Plan to do your CoolSculpting treatments at least 4 months prior to the event
  2. Select a technology that gives immediate results (just beware that most of those technologies are only temporarily shrinking a fat cell and don’t offer a lasting solution). This is typically why it’s much less of an investment, you are required to drink lots of water and be active, and why you have to do a series of treatments.

Of course most of us who have a big event coming up start to think about how we can get the desired body changes far in advance, so the vast majority of those who come to us with a big event coming up, have planned appropriately and don’t have to do anything risky or drastic to get a great change, they can pursue CoolSculpting on the body areas that frustrate them and wait as the fat cells flush out of the body and leave them with beautiful and exciting changes.

At Bodify we are not huge proponents of most fat reduction technologies (minus CoolSculpting of course) as they don’t work, overpromise, under deliver, and don’t actually get rid of the fat cells. However, in some cases when you need to see fast and temporary results, we’ve heard that wraps can work.

We feel the best course of action, is to do your research and plan in advance so you can move forward with the #1 fat-freezing, body-contouring, body-shaping, and fat reduction technology out there.

CoolSculpting has been done more than 9 million times world-wide and has been around for over 10 years. In the aesthetic space if a technology doesn’t work, word spreads fast and the technology disappears. For CoolSculpting it’s brand and reputation continue to strengthen as it actually works!

We’d love to have you in for a free consult, without pressure of course, so we can walk you through everything and see if CoolSculpting is a fit for you!