Feeling Stuck with Fat Loss? Add CoolSculpting Elite to Your Arsenal

Feeling stuck when it comes to losing weight and getting rid of fat? We’ve all been there! It can be incredibly frustrating to not see changes or get the results you want, especially when you’ve put in the effort and changed habits. Bodify is a boutique medical spa with two locations in the Phoenix area – Arcadia and Scottsdale, and since we opened our doors in 2015, we’ve reigned as the number one CoolSculpting provider in Arizona, with over 26,000 treatments performed on both men and women in the Valley. We are now so incredibly proud to solely offer CoolSculpting Elite, the most innovative version of fat-freezing on the market. We were the first in Arizona (and one of only 10 providers in the entire nation) to pilot CoolSculpting Elite, and we have been blown away by the results it gets! 

If you’ve been in a slump, it’s time to stop beating yourself up and add CoolSculpting Elite to your arsenal to finally get the body changes you want and deserve. Let’s talk

How Does CoolSculpting Elite Work? 

It’s science! CoolSculpting Elite uses the science of cryolipolysis, which is a super nerdy way (which we love!) to say “fat freezing.” Cryo = cold, Lipo = fat, Lysis = destruction! This revolutionary body contouring technology was discovered and  developed because of the realization by scientists and doctors that fat cells crystallize when subjected to extreme temperatures. 

feeling stuck with fat loss try coolsculpting eliteWe have two types of fat in our bodies: subcutaneous fat, which is the kind that rolls over your jeans or you can pinch under your arms, and visceral fat, which is the kind that lines your organs on the inside and is associated with heart disease and diabetes. Cryolipolysis, or CoolSculpting, targets the subcutaneous fat on your body that you want GONE for good. When you come in for a fat-freezing session at Bodify, one of our amazing technicians (and it should be noted that provider choice absolutely matters when it comes to achieving results and not a botched outcome!!) will place our newly updated and redesigned CoolSculpting Elite applicator on the areas you want targeted. For many people, the abdomen and love handles are common areas of frustration, but truly nearly any part of the body can be treated. We can also freeze the fat causing your double chin, bra and back fight, your thighs, below your buttocks, and underneath your upper arms. The selected area is “frozen” with the applicator (don’t worry – it doesn’t hurt!), causing the fat cells to be crystallized while skin cells, muscles, and nerves are left unharmed. Over a few weeks to possibly a couple of months (everyone is different), your body will flush those dead fat cells from your body, and they’ll never return again! That means the targeted area is left more contoured with a visible fat reduction. 

Feeling Stuck with Fat Loss? Add CoolSculpting Elite to Your Arsenal

We’ve all experienced that sense of frustration when we don’t get the results we want and the bulge won’t budge! Whether you’re someone who has always maintained a healthy weight, or someone who has recently experienced significant weight loss, it can be upsetting to have parts of your body that make you self-conscious. We’re not psychologists, but we can speak from our experience and the many conversations we’ve had with people over the years – nearly everyone has a part of their body that they want to target with CoolSculpting Elite, and often it’s because of the emotional benefits of doing so. 

We understand the perception – many people think CoolSculpting Elite is purely something people turn to because of vanity, but that is a narrow assessment. For many people, it’s not just about looking their best, it’s about feeling their best. Stubborn bulges of fat can prevent people from feeling confident in their favorite clothes, and can even make people avoid social interactions. By taking advantage of non-invasive CoolSculpting Elite, you can target those parts of your body that make you self-conscious, and that can help alleviate emotional pain points of not feeling your best. Committing to body-contouring CoolSculpting Elite helps improve body image, boosts self-esteem, and makes men and women simply feel happier, which can have endless benefits, both personally and professionally. At Bodify, we believe in both the physical and mental benefits of CoolSculpting Elite, and have always been committed to helping our clients look and feel their best. 

If you have questions about whether you’re an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting, get in touch with the Bodify team today!