Long gone are the days when only women are investing in body contouring treatments.
Women tend to be more verbal than men about their body woes, but at Bodify we see more and more men coming in and investing in CoolSculpting than ever before.

Why? Because pressure to look good and the desire to be confident and comfortable in your own skin is not gender, socioeconomic and race specific. As humans we want to look and feel our best and most of us derive much of our confidence from how we look. I'm not saying this is how it should be, but it is.

At Bodify we wanted to cater towards men, we thought it was high time that when a man invests in fat freezing he doesn't feel like he is getting a treatment done for women.
So we created the one and only ManCave in Arizona dedicated to the CoolSculpting technology.

It's packed with TVs, video games, magazines, WI-FI, and sport memorabilia so any man can fit right in, relax, get his work done or just get lost in a really cool environment while he freezes his fat away.

We urge men to take a virtual tour online so they can see our ManCave, we promise you'll love it.

Fortunately the CoolSculpting technology works on men and women alike. It will successfully and safely freeze 20-30% of the fat cells in the area treated. This results in inch loss and an increased feeling of confidence for our male clients. They look and feel better about their less than loveable parts. What man doesn't want that?
Discretion is always used regardless of gender and Bodify, so if you want to shout from a mountain top that you've frozen your fat, AWESOME, or if you want to keep it on the down low so your friends and family don't know, our lips are sealed.

Like women, men don't need to do anything to prepare for the treatment. There is no downtime and many of our clients go immediately back to everyday activities as soon as we take the applicator off.

As a man it's ok to want to look and feel your best. And it is also ok getting a little help to step into that body you want. Each of us has a certain amount of diet and exercise resistant fat that no matter what we do is not going away.

So instead of beating yourself up tirelessly at the gym and with nutritional perfection, rest assured that in some cases what you actually need is a little help from the CoolSculpting machine.

Diet and exercise of course are critically important and we are huge proponents of a healthy combination of both. But it's also important that people know sometimes they can't do it on their own.

If that is the case, CoolSculpting can be a perfect solution for the diet and exercise resistant areas that you are struggling with.

At Bodify, we've perfected the use of this technology. We've done over 5,500 treatments and trust me there is a steep learning curve. So please don't go to some second rate center that offers the lowest price.

If you are serious about investing in non-invasive body contouring, you MUST go to a center that has 1000s of treatments under their belt and is willing to offer a Beautiful Results Promise(R). If not, you put yourself and your results at risk.
Check out the technology, I promise you won't regret it.