CoolSculpting for womenTurns out fat doesn’t discriminate. 30% of all those who are searching for body contouring, fat freezing, body sculpting or cold sculpting are men. So guess what guys, you’re not alone!

At Bodify, we’ve created a space lovingly referred to as our ManCave, that allows you to sit back, relax and freeze that stubborn fat.

Like women, as men age, it can become harder and harder to keep those less than loveable fat pockets at bay. Most commonly, unwanted fat shows up around the abdomen, love handles, pecs and under the chin. But have no fear, CoolSculpting can address that stubborn fat and reduce it by 20-25% with a single treatment.

It’s done in a non-invasive way that is safe, effective and of course FDA-cleared.

At Bodify, 20% of our clients are males, we know how to treat you right, make you feel comfortable and more importantly get you the body changes you are looking for.

If you are spending time looking in the mirror and not loving the reflection, it may be time to chat with a CoolSculpting expert at Bodify, to see if fat freezing is a solution for you.

For most men who are active and eat right most of the time (that’s right you can still have a beer and pizza with the boys), CoolSculpting is a perfect way to get that college body back since going to the gym more or eating even better isn’t an option.

There is nothing to worry about, men freeze their fat all the time. In fact, chances are you have run across a man recently who looks fantastic in his clothes and owes that to CoolSculpting.

Regardless if you are wanting to get your college body back or just fit into your clothes like you used to, check out CoolSculpting, it is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat-reduction technology for a reason- it works and men love the changes they experience in their body after doing treatments.

Best yet, CoolScultping is NOT a series of treatments, to see a 20-25% reduction you just need to do the procedure once, if you are like many of our clients who want a true wow result, you’d simply do the treatment a second time 4 weeks after the first. And you’re done, easy as that.

Isn’t’ it time you love what you see and feel in your clothes?

Click HERE to schedule your complimentary consult. These consults provide a no pressure and non-judgmental environment for you to ask any and all CoolSculpting questions, get a custom assessment, find out exact pricing and book your treatments using Bodify’s 4 machines, ManCave or luxurious spa like rooms if it’s a fit for you!