coolsculpting providerBodify wants to set the record straight. We believe transparency and integrity are the cornerstones of having a successful, thriving and solid business.

As we all know, anyone can say anything they want about their own business and post it online, create a radio spot, do a Pay-Per-Click ad, advertise in a magazine or promote their business in any other form them way. However, sadly no all the info that is projected is true.

Knowing the truth is important for a ton of reasons. #1, do you want to do business with an organization who is willing to make claims that aren’t true. If someone cuts corners in their advertising can you trust they aren’t doing in other areas of their business like proper training for their staff?

Number 2, 70% of your outcome with CoolSculpting is dependent on which applicators are used, how they are placed, what take home instructions are given, and how many rounds are suggested. When an office has a lack of training and or they don’t guarantee results they often aren’t putting your outcome first. They want to close the deal even if it means not being forthright and or building a plan that fits your budget but won’t leave you with an outcome your proud of, deserve and want to show off!

Allergan, the parent company to CoolSculpting tracks each and every office and how many treatments they complete. Each device has the capability to send info to corporate headquarters and on a quarterly basis the local reps shares numbers with each company.

There can’t be two businesses who can honestly claim they’ve done more treatments than anyone in Arizona. Bodify can claim this and does with verifiable evidence from Allergan’s tracing system. Each and every quarter we are the top account not based on the amount of consumables purchased (as that means nothing to YOU) but based on the number of treatments actually done.

Providers can “buy” their way to being a top account, but no one can manipulate the system and get to the top of treatments actually done.

So when you are talking to your potential CoolSculpting provider ask yourself is what they are saying true, can they show it, do they have a solid online reputation, have all their staff be certified at the Masters level (the highest certification CoolSculpting offers) have they done 1000s and 1000s of treatments (as of 2020 Bodify has done over 20,000), do they focus on a handful of services and excel at them or do they offer a million things (can you really be GREAT at many things…..we all know you can’t), and do they stand behind their work and YOUR results with a promise? If not, you may want to ask why?!

In our experience if a company is not willing to guarantee your CoolSculpting results in writing they don’t trust that they can get you where they promise, this should be a big red flag.

With CoolSculpting, we’ve found it to be ridiculously consistent and predictable when done by an expert like Bodify. Like with any technology there is a small percentage of those who don’t respond with the first treatment and it’s why we will retreat you for free if we don’t see the anticipated reduction and you’ve maintained your weight.

We’d love to earn your business and demonstrate how and why Bodify is the ONLY CoolSculpting provider in AZ who can verifiable state they’ve done more treatments than any other provider!