It’s perfectly normal to have some excess fat on your body, and whether you choose to embrace it or target it is double chin can be fixed by CoolSculpting at bodify completely up to you. At Bodify, a premier medical spa with two locations in Scottsdale and Phoenix, most of our  clients are actually healthy, active men and women who simply want to feel more confident when it comes to certain areas of their body that have been resistant to their efforts to reduce stubborn fat pockets. Our experience has shown that even the healthiest or “thinnest” men and women can be incredibly turned off by the excess fat under their chin or along their jaw line, because it always seems to be especially prominent when they catch their side profile in the mirror or in photos. In fact, when we reopened our doors in May of 2020 after the pandemic lockdown had been lifted, we even saw an increase in consultations for people wanting to do something about their double chins that were on display during Zoom meetings! 

As a non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction technology, CoolSculpting Elite is the best option for reducing fat under the chin and along the jawline. At Bodify, our speciality is helping men and women feel more confident, no matter the angle, so let’s discuss how CoolSculpting Elite can target that double chin!

How Does CoolSculpting Elite Work?

CoolSculpting Elite harnesses the technology of Cryolipolysis (cryo = icy cold + lipolysis = chemical decomposition of fat), a precisely controlled cooling method, to treat stubborn fat bulges. Targeted areas can include the abdomen (“muffin-top”), flank (those pesky “love handles”), thighs, upper arms, and underneath the buttocks, or under the chin. At Bodify, our experience as the top CoolSculpting provider in Arizona (and 4th in the nation) shows us that nearly everyone has stubborn fat bulges that can be resistant to diet and exercise, and we truly believe CoolSculpting Elite is the best option out there for targeting those areas!

CoolSculpting Elite On Your Double Chin!

For many, pesky fat is stored in the chin and jaw area, and as your body is more likely to use fat storage in other areas of your body, the double-chin can remain despite your best attempts to diet and exercise!  During your How to get rid of a double chin fast CoolSculpting Elite treatment for your double chin, your Bodify technician will apply a gel pad and hand-held applicator to your chin. The device is moved over your chin while administering suction and fat-freezing technology to the targeted area. You may experience feelings of pulling and pinching during the process, but the “freezing” will typically numb the area after a few minutes, and overall, the procedure involves minimal pain. Then, the chin will be massaged to break up any frozen deep tissue, which helps your body begin to absorb the destroyed fat cells. The process is simple, and is non-invasive, which is perfect for this area of the body. There’s typically little-to-no downtime, so you can usually resume your normal activity the same day as your treatment! 

The unwanted fat cells freeze, crystallize, and die, leaving skin and nerve cells intact and unharmed. Over the course of a few weeks to a few months (at most), those dead fat cells are naturally flushed from the body leaving the area more contoured and visibly “thinner” sans fat! You can expect to see about a 20% reduction of fat in your chin area! At Bodify, we uniquely offer our Beautiful Results Promise™, which means we’ll retreat you for free if you don’t see a change after five months if you’re at your original weight. We are the ONLY provider to offer this guarantee because we stand behind the technology and our results. All of our policies are discussed openly at your original consultation.

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It’s not vanity to want to look and feel your best. Your face is the first thing other people notice about you, whether it’s in person or online via webcam. Stubborn fat cells under your chin can be frustrating and can prevent many from not feeling like their most confident self. Investing in yourself with CoolSculpting Elite on your double chin can give you the confidence boost you need to put your best face forward!  Set up a complimentary consult with the team at Bodify today to get your questions answered.