As a top provider of CoolSculpting in AZ, we have the newest, latest, and most effective fat-freezing technology, the CoolSculpting Elite.

Sadly, as we continue to meet with people and do consults, we continue to hear other offices, who have opted not to invest in the newest addition of CoolSculpting, communicate to perspective clients that the new technology isn’t better.

At Bodify, we have done 25,000 CoolSculpting treatments and counting, we have frozen fat and helped people achieve their body contouring goals for the last 6 years and we love CoolSculpting.

When we received the new CoolSculpting Elite system in October, we were hand-selected by Allergan, the creators of CoolSculpting and Botox, among other things, to put it to its paces and ensure it was a superior technology.

CoolSculpting Elite AZ

Since we received the new system, we have been blown away not only by the speed at which our clients are seeing and feeling fat loss but also how dramatic the fat loss is. We would NEVER relegate our clients or perspective clients to a less capable machine and unfortunately, the legacy CoolSculpting device is just that.

Many offices have opted to not invest in the newest and best, they are not proficient at CoolSculpting nor is it their focus so rather than seeing the new machine as an opportunity to get a better and faster fat reduction for their clients they are simply viewing it as a “cost” to the business and not investing in their future or YOUR RESULTS.

I would highly caution anyone from doing business with a provider who knowingly uses a less superior fat reduction technology on clients.

Don’t you want the best? Aren’t you sick of your fat and ready to invest in lasting and superior changes? If you are going to freeze your fat, don’t you want the best provider, the best technology, and the best outcome? Of course, you do, and that’s why you MUST go to a provider who has the new CoolSculpting Elite System, otherwise, you’re throwing good money after subpar results.

Many providers are claiming results are not better or faster, but they don’t have the machine, they have not frozen fat with it, they were not part of the CoolSculpting Elite Assessment program that looked at the new device with a critical eye and scrutinized it to ensure it really was an improvement on the old CoolSculpting device.

Those who have the legacy device are now even lowering their prices as they know their technology is not as fast or effective. But again, why would you invest in a technology that is knowingly getting better less spectacular results.

At Bodify we want the best for you and all our clients. So, we have the same great pricing for the new CoolSculpting Elite System. And are waving the upgrade fee for a short time. That’s right better and faster results for no additional charge!

Can’t wait to have you in and see if CoolSculpting Elite is what you need to close the gap between the body you have and the one you want!