At Bodify, AZ’s #1 Cool Sculpting provider based on the number of treatments actually performed on real clients, we have had the opportunity to see a lot of individuals who went to a variety of locations for CoolSculpting in Arizona and were left with botch CoolSculpting outcomes.

First, you must remember, like with any technology the provider is key! If your Botox didn’t work or went wrong, would you say Botox stinks, or would you understand that your provider messed up? The same is true for CoolSculpting. 70% of your outcome is based on your provider, their applicator choice, how they mark your body, how they place the applicator, how they do the after-treatment massage, and the take home instructions they give or FAIL to give you! There is a huge lack of training the industry.

Did you know if an office purchases a Cool Sculpting machine, a rep will come out, train the staff for a few hours and then let them lose on a person’s body- maybe your body?! We love CoolSculpting and how predictable and consistent it is, and we also get extremely frustrated with the lack of competency in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Desert Ridge, Gilbert, and Mesa when it comes to CoolSculpting.

Many offices in these locations have revolving doors when it comes to employees, so they hire fast, train fast, and often lack the understanding of the technology. This can lead to two things:

  1.  No results
  2.  Bad results

If you go to an office that doesn’t stand behind their work, and they don’t build the right treatment plan or your fat cells happen to be super stubborn and need a 2nd eviction notice to leave, and you see no result, they don’t do a thing about this- that is totally not fair!

By far, a bad result is much worse than no result (remember at Bodify we guarantee a result so if for some reason your fat cells are wrapped in down comforters and need that 2nd treatment, we do what’s right and treat you for free), is having a bad result.

Don’t forget CoolSculpting results last for a lifetime, so if you get a great result- you are thrilled, if you get a bad result, you spend time and money trying to rectify it or covering it up forever.

At Bodify, we have seen our share of bad results. People are excited about fat freezing and they go to a provider that isn’t experienced, often you can tell by their pricing. If someone isn’t an expert, they compete on price alone, so discount providers should be avoided at all costs! We’ve also seen many people with botched results who went to a plastic surgeon.

You may ask, how could a plastic surgeon mess you up?! Think about it, they went to years of school for plastic surgery, that is what they want to do, it’s what they are passionate about, and what they focus on. So when you go into their office, if they can’t upsell you into surgery, they do CoolSculpting- often it’s their undertrained staff who rarely does any CoolSculpting who treats you- any wonder it’s botched?

We urge people to pay attention to how they feel during the consult. Does the person seem well versed in the technology, can they answer all your questions, are they willing to share how many actual Cool Sculpt treatments they’ve done personally, will they share photos of their own patients so you can see the type of work they do, or do they simply show you stock photos that are available to all CoolSculpting providers?

More often than not, when someone comes to Bodify and they have been somewhere else they said it “just felt off!” Most people listen to their gut and continue to search for the right provider like Bodify, but some get swept up in good pricing and the excitement of fat-freezing and book at a less capable provider and wind up with awful results.

At Bodify, we are able to fix some botched CoolSculpting results, but not all!

If you want CoolSculpting (and we totally understand why you would) make sure to go to the right provider, invest your time and money into a practice that eats, lives, sleeps, and breaths CoolSculpting, like Bodify, who stands behind your results and their work, like Bodify, and who has done over 20,000 treatments, like Bodify, to ensure you get what you pay for!