Despite somewhat-endearing names, no one loves having a “spare tire,” “muffin top,” or “mother’s apron.” Yet, the waistline is one of the most difficult parts of the body to reduce fat on, and that’s due largely to the way our bodies choose to store fat.  And unfortunately, we have little control over that, even with diet and exercise. As a result, the stomach is one of the most popular areas we treat with CoolSculpting Elite at Bodify. Every day, we meet with men and women from Scottsdale and the surrounding areas who say they’re absolutely sick of their belly hanging over their pants or how their pants just simply don’t fit the way they want them to. To most, having a slimmer, smoother tummy is all about feeling more confident and comfortable in your clothes and out of them!

Who’s a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting Elite for the Stomach?

coolsculpting elite on the stomachCoolSculpting Elite has nine FDA clearances, so really any part of the body can be treated – but as stated already, most people want some help flattening their tummies. Since it’s a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment, CoolSculpting Elite is an amazing option for most men and women, but it’s not for everyone. The ideal candidate for CoolSculpting Elite is someone who’s near their ideal weight for their height (within 5-40 pounds), but has struggled to get rid of stubborn fat. On the stomach, that’s the fat that bulges and is pinchable – called subcutaneous fat, which CoolSculpting Elite targets. Many tummies are full of visceral fat, which is harder and untreatable with CoolSculpting Elite. Candidates should already be committed to living a healthy, active lifestyle and understand the results that CoolSculpting Elite can achieve. 

It’s important to understand that CoolSculpting Elite is not a weight loss procedure, but instead an extremely effective method of literally freezing away fat cells causing the body to process them away as waste over a few weeks to a couple of months. For men and women who are sick of fat bulges on their abdomens, CoolSculpting Elite’s applicators will suction to the area identified for treatment and freeze the unwanted fat cells so they crystallize to be flushed from the body permanently – they don’t come back! However, the remaining fat cells can expand over time if you don’t maintain your same weight and continue with exercise and a sensible diet. So, it’s important to not only trust the process but also be committed to doing what you can to look and feel your best after investing in CoolSculpting Elite. 

The Best Provider in Phoenix and Scottsdale for CoolSculpting Elite on the Abdomen

At Bodify, we know there are a ton of CoolSculpting Elite deals out there around the Valley, but only we can accurately claim to be the best. We are the number one CoolSculpting provider in Arizona, because we’ve performed more treatments than anyone else, and we are also humbled to rank 4th in the entire nation, out of countless providers!  We have two beautiful locations in Phoenix-Arcadia and Scottsdale-Kierland, and both of our locations have a unique man-cave so men can feel comfortable getting help for their unwanted fat.  

When it comes to CoolSculpting Elite, your provider choice matters – and we’d love to set up a complimentary consultation with you about treating your abdomen or any other part of your body you’re insecure about. During your consultation, we’ll assess your abdominal area to determine whether we’re dealing with visceral or subcutaneous fat, and our expert team will also assess the condition of your abdominal muscles. We want to hear all about your goals and what you’re hoping to accomplish by investing in CoolSculpting Elite on your stomach, and then we’ll design a custom treatment plan for you to deliver the best results. We often have to recommend multiple sessions to really get rid of those stomach bulges, but we never, ever try to sell you treatments you won’t need. Plus, all of our results are guaranteed with our Beautiful Results Promise, which you won’t find anywhere else in the Valley. 

If you’re ready to let your confidence take shape, and target those abs – schedule a free consultation today – no pressure, no judgment. Also, feel free to send us a message on Facebook at We can’t wait to hear from you!