It happened to the best of us. Over a year ago, the pandemic hit and the world shut down. Gyms closed and most of us were stuck at home with nothing to do except figuring out how to cope with our new isolated situation. For many, coping meant a lot of unhealthy snacking, too many nightly cocktails, and a dramatic shift to a very sedentary lifestyle – all of which led to the “Quarantine 15!” At least! 

Since Bodify reopened our doors last summer, we have met with countless men and women with fat from quarantine they wish would go away! So, let’s talk about it. 

Can CoolSculpting Elite Help With Quarantine Weight Gain?  

At Bodify, we have been in the CoolSculpting business for a long time, and we proudly boast of our status as Arizona’s number one CoolSculpting provider since we have performed more CoolSculpting treatments than any other provider (25,000 and counting!). We have a solid reputation we built by being honest and transparent, and we aren’t going to change that now! 

So, first and foremost – CoolSculpting Elite is NOT a weight loss treatment. We could mislead you and tell you that CoolSculpting elite meausuringCoolSculpting Elite will help you drop the pounds (and we sadly know of other Valley CoolSculpting providers who make those false promises), but that would go against everything we stand for. If you are looking for a magic solution to help you shed the significant amount of unwanted pounds you packed on during quarantine, CoolSculpting Elite probably isn’t what you’re looking for. 

However, get ready for the good news! While CoolSculpting Elite isn’t a magic weight loss solution, it IS the most innovative way to contour nearly any part of your body, even if you aren’t at your ideal weight. CoolSculpting Elite is a noninvasive, nonsurgical, fat-reducing solution for those who are within 40 pounds of their ideal weight for their height. Our newly redesigned and upgraded CoolSculpting Elite applicators freeze away fat cells, causing them to crystallize and then your body naturally flushes them out over the course of as little as a few weeks. If you’re interested in the science behind this technology, check out our earlier blog – CoolSculpting Elite: Started With Popsicles, Now We’re Here! 

So, the scale may not move too much, but you WILL look and more importantly, feel better. When you invest in yourself with CoolSculpting Elite, you CAN expect dramatic and lasting fat reduction in the areas we target, whether it’s your abs, upper arms, thighs, buttocks, back, chin, or flanks (those pesky “love handles”). We guarantee it – literally. At Bodify; we stand behind the technology and our team. Although uncommon, if we are not seeing a visible reduction in the fat layer based on before and after photos (and you haven’t gained weight), we will set up an additional appointment one month later. At month five we bring you back, take more photos, and if you are still your original weight, and still have not seen a change, we will retreat you for free! As experts, we stand by our results because we are confident in our ability to freeze your fat.

CoolSculpting Elite Is For People With NO Weight to Lose, Too!

In addition to those who gained the Quarantine 15, we know first-hand that there are plenty of people who used quarantine as an opportunity to lose weight and get healthier. In fact, the majority of our clients are people who are active and maintain a healthy weight – they just simply have stubborn fat that won’t budge which affects their confidence. No matter where our clients are in their journey, they’re so frequently an inspiration to us. If you are curious about how Bodify can get you the results you want with CoolSculpting Elite, let’s talk