How much does CoolSculpting hurt painIn light of recent news reporting, it’s important for Bodify, Arizona’s #1 CoolSculpting provider to address the NYT article and Friday Good Morning America coverage of CoolSculpting and PAH.

Bodify has performed over 34,000 CoolSculpting treatments using CoolSculpting legacy and CoolSculpting Elite. In our experience, our incident rate of PAH is in line with what the FDA-clearance and paperwork claims, 0.03%.

We feel the paperwork and our office are exceptionally clear that PAH is a rare occurrence and if you do develop PAH, liposuction is the corrective procedure. At this time, in 2023, Allergan will pay for the corrective procedure.

The news outlets are stating that PAH disfigures and deforms bodies, this has never been our experience at Bodify. We’d be happy to show you photos of any of our clients who have developed PAH so you can visually see that, yes they have more fat, but no they are not deformed or disfigured. We’d also be happy to have you speak to any client of ours who was diagnosed with PAH so they can tell you about their experience with the diagnosis, how Bodify handled it, how Allergan handled it, and how the surgery went. In fact, we’ve had several individuals who were diagnosed opt to not do the surgery because they felt the PAH didn’t frustrate them enough to do lipo.

While we wish PAH did not occur, we also must understand that any product or service provided today is accompanied by risk. We spend time with each client before they move forward to talk about the risks and allow them to ask any and all questions to ensure they are comfortable with all aspects of CoolSculpting.

Unfortunately, the media, as we all know, presents things from a single side. They did not interview any of the millions of people who have done CoolSculpting and loved their results, nor any of those who developed PAH and had a wonderful liposuction outcome, nor did they contact Bodify, the #1 provider in AZ and the #4 provider in the nation to find out our perspective and experience with PAH.

There are 1000s of CoolSculpting providers it is very easy to interview a handful of them and for them to say, “I think PAH happens more than CoolSculpting states.” However if pushed for documentation, these individuals would not be able to provide it. Allergan has millions of treatments recorded and knows with very close accuracy the number of PAH cases that happen. It would not behoove Allergan or Bodify to mislead clients. If the risk were higher, we’d be happy to share that information so our clients have the information they need to make the best decision for their bodies.

Bodify tracks every client, reports every PAH case, and is with every client on their CoolSculpting journey and we can confidently say PAH cases at our clinic are consistent with the FDA-reported rate.