What To Look For When Picking A CoolSculpting Provider In AZ (or anywhere)

Guess what, 80% of humanity has at least one spot on their body that they wish had less fat, so it’s no surprise that more and more offices are bringing in CoolSculpting (supply and demand right)! At Bodify, Arizona’s #1 Cool Sculpt provider based on the actual number of CoolSculpting treatments performed (don’t be misled by those who say they are the top, premier, leading, etc. provider, treatments are tracked by Allergan, and only Bodify can claim to have done more treatments than ANY provider in the state of Arizona, 20,000 in fact).

The Cool Sculpt device is safe, effective, FDA-cleared and predictably and consistently (so long as you go to the right provider) removes fat from those trouble spots. The technology doesn’t shrink fat cells, it actually gets them so cold, during the treatment, that they body triggers a mechanism in the cell to tell it to die, once it dies, in 2-3 days, it will then take 2-4 months (be leery of any provider telling you you’ll see results faster, in our 20,000 treatments we consistently see the process taking 2-4 months) for the fat to flush out!

Once those fat cells are dead and flushed out, they will never return. So as long as you maintain your current lifestyle, results are lasting. I did my abdomen for the first time nearly 9 years ago and still love my results, but I’ve also maintained my weight which is critical if you want to appreciate results for a lifetime!

Ok, back to the heart of the matter, how in the heck do you select a GREAT CoolSculpting provider and get the results you paid for and deserve!?

We are so glad you asked!

There are several things to look for and to ask to ensure if you move forward with a Cool Sculpt provider you are actually getting a CoolSculpting treatment (yes there are lots of fake machines out there and scammers), and you are going to a provider who will not leave you with a bad outcome (we all intrinsically know that just because a person has the same machine as the person down the street, it doesn’t mean their expertise is the same).

#1: How many different technologies does the office offer? We all know the phrase “jack of all trades master of none!” We are here to tell you if an office offers multiple modalities, most likely the staff is responsible for several technologies. How well can you truly understand a technology if you are having to do multiple each week. Things inevitably fall through the cracks, get forgotten and mixed up, which can end up as a botched CoolSculpting result for you! Chances are with so many technologies the technician has to bounced between several vs. ever learning one completely and competently.

#2: Is the person doing YOUR treatment fully certified? Most offices claim that their staff is certified, ask for the diploma and better yet, did they simply attend CoolSculpting university or did they attend the Master course which is the highest level of certification for CoolSculpting? If an office hasn’t invested in their staff and their training, this is a big red flag! At Bodify not only do our staff members who do the treatment have this certification, Jessica, one of the owners of Bodify, helps teach the course! Bodify also hosts CoolSculpting providers from around the country on behalf of Allergan to help train them! Pretty cool right? Only a select few offices were chosen for the CoolHub program and Bodify is one!

#3: How many treatments has your technician done? This one is critical and can easily be disguised under “our office has done 1000 CoolSculpting treatments!” Who cares, if the person who will be doing your treatment is new and was trained last week, do you really want him/her in charge of getting rid of fat on your body forever? At Bodify, anyone of our staff who treats you was trained by either Melissa or Jessica (the owners) for at least 4 months and has been in the room, helping, treating and learning during at least 200 treatments which equates to 100s of hours (and don’t forget they’ve all been certified by CoolSculpting and have the highest level of training available). It’s your body and you should care- if you don’t you can have a BAD and lasting outcome.

#4: Did the person doing your consult show you before and after photos of their own clients vs. stock photos? Google CoolSculpting images, wow there are a lot of great results out there. But who did those treatments, did those people lose weight, did they do CoolSculpting in conjunction with another modality, how many sessions did they do, did they do your same treatment plan? All of these things can impact a result and when an office randomly picks CoolSculpting results off the internet (trust me it happens all the time) and shows them to you, it can mislead you or make you anticipate a result you won’t get. At Bodify EVERY single photo we show you during your consult is someone we treated in our office with our staff and our machines (ok ok we have one before and after of a chin treatment that’s amazing and we share it. She is not our client but it was the client who did the clinical trials for Allergan, so we love to share it). We know which applicators they used, how many treatments they did and their before and after weight. This allows us 100% confidence in telling you, we can get you the same change!

#5: Does the office offer a guarantee in case you don’t see a result? When Jessica and Melissa decided to open Bodify- a CoolSculpting only center in Arizona, they knew that every so often a fat cell is wrapped up in a down comforter and super stubborn. As a result, this very small percentage of people won’t see the anticipated reduction after a CoolSculpting treatment. They knew it wasn’t fair to take your hard-earned money if the fat didn’t reduce. So the Beautiful Results Promise™ has your back. If we don’t see the anticipated results and you’ve maintained your weight (yes you have to do your part too) we will happily retreat you for free. It’s the right thing to do. Countless providers have asked us, “how can you guarantee your results, aren’t you doing free treatments left and right?”! This is the type of question that an inexperienced and non-confident provider asks. We trust the technology and know when the right treatment plan is built, applicators are placed correctly, the right take-home instructions are given, the right expectations are se,t and a person who is actually a candidate is treated, CoolSculpt works consistently and predictably. So really you ought to be asking, “why don’t all providers have a guarantee?!”

#6: Does the provider have a good online reputation? I once heard a podcast done by the owner of Yelp who stated that even the Grand Canyon has a 1 star review, so while it’s ok to have a negative review here and there (you can’t make everyone happy) what is the overall tone of the responses to those negative reviews, what’s the overall tone of all the reviews. How are comments both negative and positive handled? Is this the type of business you want to do business with? At Bodify we are proud of our reviews and our reputation! What about their social media, when someone makes negative comment do they respond well, not at all, or are they disrespectful to the person who left it? Paying attention to all of this will give you a good indication of how you’ll be treated!

#7: Do they overpromise on what the technology does? Look, CoolSculpting is a great technology and it also has its limits. At Bodify we have people come in all the time saying another provider told them all their fat will go away, CoolSculpting will help with cellulite, only one treatment is needed, it doesn’t hurt at all, there are no risks, everyone responds, and there is no downtime. Well guess what, that is not true. At Bodify we pride ourselves on being honest and real, we are with you on your entire journey- which takes 2-4 months, so why would we jeopardize that relationship by telling you something that flat out isn’t true!

We love CoolSculpting and how it has positively impacted our clients’ confidence and self-perception. We’d love the opportunity to earn your trust and freeze your fat!