amazing resultsBefore & After: How CoolSculpting Has Changed the Lives of So Many Men and Women

Many people have benefited tremendously from CoolSculpting. They have seen significant changes in their body, such as a flatter stomach and toned arms. They have witnessed an improvement in how they view themselves. They are optimistic and willing to engage with the world more positively. Consider these stories below as a testament to the power of CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting Can Help You Achieve a Great Body

Like these individuals, you don’t have to do it on your own. CoolSculpting is a safe, effective, FDA-cleared fat-freezing technology that has been helping millions of people. For more information on how it can benefit you, give us a buzz or shoot us an email (


Tanya is a 40-year-old mom of 3 kids who had a body that never bounced back.

Growing up, Tanya has always been praised by her peers for being able to remain thin despite what she ate. She could consume whatever she wanted without ever having to worry about gaining a pound. Throughout college and high school, her body remained the same. While others were so concerned about their body image, Tanya didn’t share their worries.

By the age of 40, Tanya has three kids. She hardly recognizes the body she has now. “These days,” she says, “I’m the one lusting after my old body.” Tanya has been working out, but nothing seems to change. “I still have problem areas such as my stomach and arms.”

After hearing about CoolSculpting, Tanya decided to give it a try. Following her first treatment, she the saw results she was wanting. She now feels “confident and in control. My body is back, and I only recall feeling this great when I was younger.”


Matthew is a 45-year-old man who was trying to get rid of his “dad bod.”
In high school, Matthew was popular. He was the big football star that everyone adored. Matthew was in shape, and he performed exceptionally well on the field. When he advanced to college, it was the same. He maintained his figure by working out five times a week, sometimes more.

After graduating from college, he got into the workforce, and he wasn’t able to work out as often as he used to. It shifted from multiple times a week to once a week. The “dad bod” evolved, and eventually, he lost all hope for his body.

Out of frustration, Matthew committed to a workout plan. Despite working out, some areas needed more attention. So, he checked out CoolSculpting. “I thought the treatment was designed only for women, but I quickly realized how wrong I was when I began the treatment. Over time, my stomach got flatter, and I finally began to see the results from working out at the gym too. I feel more self-assured now. I don’t feel ashamed to take off my shirt and go swimming with my kids. I’m back!”


Margaret is a 65-year-old woman who finally put herself first.

Margaret is an amazing mother to her children, and she is also a fantastic grandmother. For over 30 years, she has committed herself to looking after everyone around her. She always puts others first and thinks about herself last.

In doing so, Margaret became so consumed with making everyone else happy that she lost herself along the way. Her body changed and so did her mood. She couldn’t be bothered with working out or doing anything to make her feel her best. She presumed her children and grandchildren mattered more than herself.

She heard about CoolSculpting but was reluctant because of her age. She decided to give it a try. After completion of her treatment, Margaret was thrilled. “Why didn’t I do this sooner?! I love how my body looks.” Now that she has attained a leaner body, Margaret’s confidence is in full effect. She is back to putting herself first and looking her best always.


Dave is a 55-year-old male who is getting back into the dating game.

Dave was previously married, and after some time, he decided to step back into the dating world. But he was concerned about being judged. “I’m a mature gentleman. Women are looking for men that are fit and in shape.”

Dave wanted that confidence again. After being chained to his desk for the last 30 years, he was ready to do something for himself. Dave was prepared to change his life and truly begin living. He wanted his personal life in better shape.

Following a discussion with his co-worker about the fitness journey, they mentioned CoolSculpting. He heard about the benefits and decided to give it a try. After his consultation, treatment began. Over time, Dave saw a change in his body. He was getting compliments from the women at work, and that made him feel so much better about how he fit in his clothes. His confidence was restored, and his drive to get back out there and live his life returned.