Avoid A Bad CoolSculpting Outcome

avoid a bad coolsculpting outcomeLet’s face it, people don’t like their fat, and they want to minimize it. CoolSculpting Elite is an incredibly powerful system that removes 20-25% of your fat each time you do it. It’s safe, effective, FDA cleared, and at Bodify, Arizona’s #1 CoolSculpting provider and a top provider in the nation, we’ve done 26,000 treatments and we are in love with the results we get.

Sadly, because such a high percentage (80%) of people hate their fat, there are a lot of CoolSculpting providers, but something prospective clients sometimes fail to consider is: are all providers created equally.

And the answer is no. CoolSculpting is NOT a product, it is a service. Just like your dentist, hairdresser, surgeon, etc. This means your outcome is heavily influenced by experience, expertise, focus, and attention. People will argue about this and say that everyone has the same machine! Well, I can have a scalpel and so can your surgeon, who do you trust to make your outcome beautiful.

At Bodify all we do is freeze fat, shape, and contour bodies, and make people feel better in their own skin with CoolSculpting Elite- we have an extremely narrow focus because we think YOU and the others we work with, deserve to get a CoolSculpting result they love.

Between May 15, 2021, and June 18, 2021, we had 4 individuals come to us, they did CoolSculpting elsewhere. So why did they come to Bodify, the other provider left them with odd or even bad results. In one case, an outer thigh was treated with a suction applicator this is never done, but the office didn’t have the expertise, they put the applicator on the woman and now she has an indent the size of a ruler down her legs. This is NOT something we can fix. She’s young, beautiful, and stuck with this outcome forever.

Another client invested $1000s to remove her belly fat, the applicators were placed all wrong by the office and now she has a belly full of indents and ice cream scoops. Fortunately, we can rectify this outcome, and she even left us a review to tell the world why she wishes she didn’t go the cheap and inexperienced route from the get-go.

We get everyone has a budget, and we get the allure of going the cheap route, but you have to ask yourself if I go to an office that is cheap, ill-experienced, lacks appropriate training, doesn’t have the new CoolSculpting Elite, and I get no outcome or a bad outcome, will I regret it? You bet you will. Will I regret not saving up and going with best in calls? You will, especially if you pay your hard-earned money for no result or a bad CoolSculpting result. 

patients cherryI get it, that may mean you have to put your fat-freezing dreams on hold for a bit until you can save up and go to the experts- Bodify. We offer Cherry Financing (easy 60-second pre-approval of up to $10,000 with options for no interest and others with interest), we guarantee your CoolSculpting results, and we show you before and after photos of our own clients- so you can judge us on the work we do, and we are proud that we’ve been hired by Allergan, both in the US and international markets and many CoolSculpting providers around the country to share our skills and help teach them how to do CoolSculpting effectively so their clients have beautiful results.

We don’t take your body and your results lightly, we are honored, and proud and can’t wait to have you in!

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