finish goalsHow many times in your life have you set out to do something but never actually finished it?

The answer may not sit well with you; I wrestle with my answer too.

Outside of the obvious, not achieving the goal, there are more subtle consequences with not finishing what you start.

For starters, if you promise yourself to turn over a new leaf and accomplish a new fitness, health or nutrition goal, the moment you give up, abandon the goal and let yourself get away with it, you subconsciously tell yourself “my word to myself means nothing.”

Would you let someone else make you a promise, not honor it and then continue to trust them? No way, so then why do we give up on our own goals and own promises so easily?

It’s human nature, but I’m telling you these little subtle messages day in and day out eventually erode our self-confidence, motivation and self-belief that we can and will do something.

Here are 4 easy things that can help you stay on track and accomplish a goal:

  1. Spell it out. Set a goal that is very specific and measurable that way you can keep track of it, find motivation in your progress and know when you’ve reached the finish line.
  2. Pick the right goal. You must know yourself. I’m not saying you should pick goals that don’t push or stretch you, but you’ve lived a life in your own body and have many past experiences, so pick a goal that will allow you to win and get the changes you want.
  3. Track everything. You can’t improve what you don’t know, so you must track. It keeps you accountable, allows you to see progress, lets you know that you are on track and most importantly, allows you to celebrate when you see the numbers change and improve.
  4. Share your journey. Whether we like it or not, social media, peer influence and support is all around us. So use it for good. Post your intention and track your progress on social media platforms. You’ll be amazed at who chimes in to support you relentlessly.

At Bodify, we support each and every client who has a goal and we support our own goals too. We speak them out loud as often as possible and check in with co-workers to see how they are doing, ask if they need encouragement or help and of course celebrate like crazy when a goal is achieved.

We have found that setting goals in conjunction with using CoolSculpting, the world’s #1 non-invasive fat-reduction technology in the world to achieve body goals. Good, bad, right or wrong, how we feel in our own body, impacts how we treat people and interact in the world.