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Things to See at the Phoenix Zoo

About The Phoenix Zoo is one of the world’s largest non-profit zoos. Originally created in 1962 as a personal project by Robert Maytag, the zoo has been an Arizona landmark for more than 50 years. Its purpose was to protect the endangered Arabian Oryx species. Maytag’s zoo plan was the first to succeed in Phoenix, where several other zoo proposals had been rejected.

Stingray Bay

This summer, the Phoenix Zoo added sharks to its Stingray Bay exhibit. The show features a 12,000-gallon touch tank and seven white-spotted and four nurse sharks. The animals are also available to pet. The zoo is also adding horseshoe crabs and epaulet sharks.

If you’re interested in interacting with a real stingray, then Stingray Bay at the Phoenix Zoo is the place for you. The zoo is located at 455 N Galvin Pkwy in Phoenix. It’s a fun place for kids to learn about these amazing creatures.

Camel ride

Camel rides are among the most exciting attractions at the Phoenix Zoo. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these rides are weather-dependent and subject to maintenance. Make sure to check the gift shop to find out when you can take the ride. Children under the age of four are not permitted to ride on the camels.

Besides the camel rides, the zoo has several other exciting attractions. The Enchanted Forest, for example, features an incredible tree-top house and a giant tree trunk slide. Another must-see attraction is Monkey Village, which features the only walk-through exhibit of squirrel monkeys in the U.S. Visitors can get up close to these playful animals. Similarly, the Tropics Trail, which runs along the entire east side of the zoo, features a tropical aviary and a Sumatran tiger enclosure.

African trail

The expansion of the African trail will add six acres to the Zoo. It will include new habitats for meerkats, warthogs, African lions, and hyenas. This expansion is an important part of the Zoo’s efforts to support conservation efforts and internationally recognized programs. The new habitats will be an ideal place to observe the world’s most recognizable species.

The Phoenix Zoo was founded in 1962 and is the largest privately-owned zoo in the United States. Robert Maytag, who founded the zoo, had a dream of creating a zoo in Phoenix. His plan was to create a sanctuary for endangered species and provide educational experiences for children. Today, the zoo has over 1,200 animals living in four themed zones. The zoo also serves as a conservation center, facilitating dialogue about the ongoing relationships between plants and animals.

African themed area

The African-themed area at the Phoenix Zoo is a great place to see wildlife and learn about conservation. The zoo has a breeding program for the rare Arabian Oryx, which was once on the brink of extinction. It also engages in research projects and has a number of other conservation programs.

The African trail has a variety of animals native to Africa. You can walk among lions, zebras, and elephants. The area also features a petting zoo and a maze, which is perfect for little ones. The African-themed area at Phoenix Zoo features plenty of animal attractions for families.

You can also see exotic animals in the African Savannah, which is a popular attraction at any zoo. These animals are well-suited for the dry, warm climate of the African Savannah. The zoo has over 3,000 animals in four distinct habitats.

Harmony Farms

Located in Papago Park, the Phoenix Zoo is the largest privately owned zoo in the United States. The zoo opened in 1962 and is a nonprofit organization. It operates on 125 acres of land. The zoo was founded by Robert Maytag.

The zoo is dedicated to providing habitat for endangered and threatened species. This is accomplished by engaging in research projects and animal husbandry projects. Many of the zoo’s animals have been retired from captivity and rehabilitated to be released back into the wild. Some of the animals featured at the zoo are the white rhinoceros, Asian elephants, Mexican gray wolves, and others. Because of their unique circumstances, these animals receive a different treatment than those found in normal exhibits. While normal exhibits are designed to balance the needs of both the animals and visitors, sanctuary exhibits are focused almost entirely on the comfort of the animals.

The Phoenix Zoo is divided into four major themed areas. Each area has a different type of animal. The exhibits are meant to represent a region of the world and its native wildlife. The Desert Lives Trail includes native Big Horn Sheep and Arabian Oryx. Another area is the Forest of Uco, which includes a mock South American Mercado and a fake scientific expedition. Both exhibits highlight endangered species like the Spectacled Bear and other exotic species.

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