At Bodify we have done over 16,000 (as of 2018) fat-freezing, body sculpting, body contouring, and fat-reduction treatments exclusively with CoolSculpting. We love the technology and stand behind how safe, effective, and impressive it is.

You can imagine that we have fielded a lot of calls, texts and emails asking how much does it cost? We are the #1 body sculpting clinic in AZ and #4 in the nation. There are over 4,000 providers so we are very grateful!

People who have struggled with fat for decades or more recently are eager to learn how they can finally shape their body in a way that diet and exercise alone have failed to do.

Because CoolSculpting is so effective, FDA-cleared, non-invasive, and requires little to no downtime, people of all ages, body types, fitness levels, and gender are super excited to learn about this fat-freezing technology and what it can do for them.

Of course, for every person the financial investment will always be a factor in their ability to move forward.

Fortunately, at Bodify we work with Cherry. A huge percentage of our clients opt to finance their treatment plans. They are sick and tired of getting dressed in the morning and feeling less than amazing in their clothes. They recognize how the negative self-talk and diminished self-perception and confidence are impacting every area of their life.

We often forget the power of our thoughts and feelings. But we all know when we slip into our clothes in the morning if an outfit feels tighter than we remember, our day can spiral down a negative road before we even have our morning coffee.

Ok, back to the question at hand, how much does CoolSculpting cost?

The answer is IT DEPENDS!

So what exactly does it depend on?!

At Bodify there are 3 things that really help us discover the client’s investment when talking to and doing an assessment (yes you have to come in so we can see if CoolSculpting is a fit, map out a custom plan, and lay out what your exact outcome is in terms of an investment) at our office.

Which area(s) frustrate you! For some individuals they only have a single area that prevents them from feeling great in their own skin. While others have a handful of spots that drive us nuts, create negative self-talk, hinder confidence, and prevent us from feeling their best!

How much tissue you have on each of those areas? An abdomen is not an abdomen is not an abdomen. As you can imagine bodies come in all shapes and sizes and your stomach and abdomen may look entirely different than the next person’s CoolSculpting is about using the correct size and number of applicators to fully cover the area of frustration. So without seeing an individual, it is insanely hard to know which applicator(s) you need and how many to appropriately treat you. The last thing we want to do is mislead someone. If we offer a quote over the phone, chances are we will be wrong. We may over or under quote you, but either way, it doesn’t leave a good feeling for either partner if someone walks through the door, is assessed, and then given a number that is different from the original conversation.

At Bodify our consults are free of charge! It is simply an opportunity to come in, ask questions, look at our own client before and after photos (so you can see the type of results we get our clients and how well CoolSculpting works), assess the area(s) on your body you want to see changes in, map out a custom treatment plan, talk in detail about the technology, how it works, how it feels, what to expect, and see if it is a fit for you.

How much fat you want to go away? Some individual comes to us and they want a layer of fat to go away, others are looking for a much more dramatic reduction. The good news, regardless of what you are looking to achieve, Bodify will let you know if you are a candidate and if so, what treatment plan will get you where you want to be.

These three components, which area(s) frustrate you, how much tissue you have in those area(s) and how much fat you want to go away, are the very three things that determine what your investment is.

Hopefully you can now see why we can’t possibly let you know what your investment will be without seeing you! The treatment plans are custom and unique to you and it would be a huge disservice to tell you your investment before ever having you in the office.

We do know there are some CoolSculpting offices in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Peoria, Arcadia, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Desert Ridge, or Paradise Valley that quote pricing over the phone but in our experience those are the offices that aren’t experts, don’t care about getting clients exceptional results, don’t guarantee results as Bodify does, and don’t understand the technology enough to ensure you get a great outcome! They do one size fits all plans which leaves your CoolSculpting results at risk

You want and need an expert! You have one opportunity to remove fat correctly and going to a specialist like Bodify is the best possible decision you can make.

We are excited to explore this opportunity with you to see if it’s a fit. We pride ourselves on being an organization free of pressure or judgement. If you want CoolSculpting we can’t wait, if it’s not a fit, that’s ok too.