I absolutely love BODIFY!!

This is the place that uses Science to remove the hard to get places that insanity – t25-spinning – running- lifting weights – all those high calorie workouts that I have done and still was unable to sculpt the areas to get the look I wanted.

I’m so satisfied with my results. For me I’ve been able to remove stubborn fat and improve my posture, from sitting in a cubicle.

I’m a professional and was working many hours unable to go to the gym as I did before – when I taught spin class. The pounds came on – and having less time to workout I could not get the look I had before.
I still workout – but I now also get the look I want that seemed like an endless job. You get results with this- I think in the past my workouts were more strenuous – but my lifestyle has went through changes after babies- aging- and not having the time to be as active.

This works- and allows you to change the things I didn’t like about my body.

I’m happy BODIFY and the staff have the expertise to use the applicators in getting results quickly. BODIFY has two machines to do both sides of your body so it does not become an all day project.

Melisa-Jessica- know how to use the equipment and are superefficient with applying the applicators and making sure you get maximum results.

BODIFY is immaculate- comfortable- and private, while getting treatments. What’s really nice is they provide you a snack / lunch and entertainment so time flies and your done before you know it.

I’ve had this done in California in a high end spa and the staff just did not understand how to use the equipment like Bodify. If a staff does not know how to use the equipment – it costs more. It’s worth get the experts.

The place is high tech and cutting edge. Really cool!!

I can say Melissa and Jessica are the experts! Don’t go anywhere else even if you think you might cut costs – you will not get the results this staff gets for you. I tried it and came back to BODIFY!! These women love what they do and get as excited as you will!! I’m extremely satisfied!*