Anytime anyone books a CoolSculpting treatment at Bodify we always say “we’ve only killed a few people.” Everyone laughs and we then explain that no one dies from CoolSculpting.

It is 100% non-invasive. No surgery, no needles and little to no downtime (however you will be sore and tender and slightly inflamed, a great thing, for several days after).

CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared. It has been for years and someone Bodify loves about this technology is that it actually works, delivers on its promise and does so in a safe and effective way.

At the consult, before booking your fat freezing session at Bodify, we go over every item you may experience both during and after the treatment, we want to set proper expectations and we only want people to book treatments when they feel 100% excited and confident about the technology.

As of oct 2017, we have performed just over 12,000 treatments, we have not hurt or killed (haha) anyone. I did have a client once tell me she felt like punching me during the 2 minute massage, she later apologized and said she’d do it again because she loved her results.

About 85% of our clients, have no discomfort with CoolSculpting during or after, about 10% of them think it is slightly annoying when the applicator begins to cool the tissue, almost like an ice pack on uncovered skin, when we massage and then the soreness and tenderness several days after, the other 5% think it stinks, but guess want, the discomfort is short lived and well worth the results.

Even the clients who said “oh my gosh it hurt” come back to treat other areas because their CoolSculpting results rock and they are thrilled.

Click HERE to schedule your complimentary consult. These consults provide a no pressure and non-judgmental environment for you to ask any and all CoolSculpting questions, get a custom assessment, find out exact pricing and book your treatments using Bodify’s 4 machines, ManCave or luxurious spa like rooms if it’s a fit for you!