When we opened Bodify in 2015, we were very clear on who we wanted to be, the BEST, most memorable and most successful CoolSculpting practice in the Nation. We knew it would take work, time and a serious dedication to honing our craft, intentionally creating a wonderful experience and listening to our clients to ensure we were truly delivering on our promises to not only transform their body, but to be the type of organization people would talk about!

We continually check in with our happy CoolSculpting clients and find out why, when there are 100s of other CoolSculpting providers they opt to freeze at Bodify. We love to hear the feedback, it makes us proud and resolute in our decision to focus on a single technology and dedicate all things Bodify to the BEST non-invasive fat-freezing technology out there, CoolSculpting.

Here are the top reasons people continually share with us about why they opted to freeze their stubborn fat at one of Bodify’s two locations.

  1. No pressure and no judgement consult
  2. Our level of service and communication before and after becoming a clients
  3. Our guarantee for results
  4. The way people feel when they interact with our office
  5. That we are locally owned and operated
  6. That we are an office that has integrity and honors it’s word
  7. That all we do is CoolSculpting
  8. That we show only our own client before and after photos
  9. That we care more about the person in front of us and doing what’s right by them vs. selling them
  10. That our office is beautiful, clean and welcoming
  11. That we care about the client experience and do things to elevate it
  12. We have great yelp reviews
  13. That we get clients great CoolSculpting results

Of course these are just a few, but these are the ones that continually are said to us when we ask.

We are insanely grateful for the kind and positive feedback when get from our clients and even those who opt to not move forward.

Our sole intention is to spark joy and uplift so when people walk out the door or stop the interaction with our team them feel better than when they started.

Humanity needs better humans and better businesses and we are so glad we get to be part of that. The best news, we get to do all of this, while changing our clients’ bodies in wonderful ways they haven’t been able to do on their own.

In our own way, we feel we are positively impacting the world. We want you to be next.

If you are ready to explore the benefits of CoolSculpting, we can’t wait to hear from you!