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We have done thousands of complimentary consultations, and in nearly 95% of them, the individual discusses weight, fitness, and health goals they’ve set and abandoned.

It is not up to Bodify to judge these individuals, but we do want anyone who comes into our office to have access to information that can help them achieve their goals.

When setting goals, individuals can do a few things to increase their chances of sticking to them.

Here are a few tips for setting goals that will help you lose weight, get out of debt, improve your fitness, enhance your relationships, or achieve whatever else you are looking to achieve.

  • Tell others about the goals you are setting. When you share with others, you are more accountable. You can also reach out to those individuals when you need help or a little encouragement to stay on track!
  • Set goals that you are in control of. Rather than saying, “I’m going to lose 15 pounds in 2 months,” for example, set a goal around the activities needed to achieve the goals. You could, for instance, say, “I will go to the gym 5 days a week and eat only protein and veggies 2 out of 3 meals every day.” That is a goal you are 100% in control of.
  • Reward yourself when you win. All too often, we don’t reward ourselves when we accomplish something. If you have a 90-day goal, find a way to reward yourself at the 30, 60, and 90-day mark to reinforce your new habits and progress.
  • Set realistic goals. I always talk to people who want what they want when they want it. Unfortunately, instant gratification rarely happens. If you set yourself up for something unrealistic due to time or any other factor, you are likely to get discouraged when you don’t make the progress you want and throw in the towel altogether.

Those four simple tips can help you set goals in any area of your life that you can achieve with discipline and commitment.

If you are tired of struggling to get rid of those stubborn areas of fat, Bodify, and CoolSculpting may be the perfect solution for you.

Don’t beat yourself up. Each of us has a certain percentage of fat cells that are diet and exercise-resistant, so no matter what, they are going to be around if you invest in something like CoolSculpting.

How to Utilize a Nutritional and Exercise Routine Paired with CoolSculpting to Finally Achieve Your Body Goals

Before we get into nutrition, let’s chat about how CoolSculpting Can Help You Achieve the Right Results

Some factors can offset the actions of exercising and eating the right foods. Genetics, age, stress, and other related issues can put a roadblock in the way of your progress. For people who are doing all they can to alter their bodies and live an active lifestyle, CoolSculpting is a solution.

CoolSculpting is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction, body sculpting, and body contouring technology. CoolSculpting freezes away unwanted fat for good. If you would like more information on this technology, please call us to book a consultation.  Bodify is the top and most affordable CoolSculpting provider in Arizona and has treated 1000s of individuals in Phoenix, Peoria, Arcadia, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, and other cities in Arizona. Our reviews demonstrate the excellent results we achieve for our CoolSculpting clients.

Ok, back to nutrition….

There are many benefits to being fit and healthy, and those advantages make it a common goal for many people. Being in good shape and living an active and healthy lifestyle are rewarding. Feeling fit has physical and psychological advantages, hence the typical saying: “When you look good, you feel good.”

For many individuals, maintaining a fit lifestyle is difficult. Staying on track with eating the right foods and exercising can be demanding, especially when you do not see the desired results. For some, despite how much they exercise or how good their diet is, some parts of their body won’t budge.

In addition to exercising and dieting, there is another practice you can apply. It’s called CoolSculpting. Before diving into the benefits of this innovative technology, let’s focus on which foods and exercises can be implemented to help you achieve your body goals.

Which Foods Can I Incorporate into My Diet?

One of the most central requirements to dieting is finding foods that keep you fuller for a longer time. For instance, foods high in fiber, protein, and have a low energy density are ideal for making you feel satiated. Low energy density foods are low in fat and calories for their weight as well. Consider foods such as:

  • Lentils
  • Beans
  • Eggs
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Quinoa
  • Fish
  • Greek yogurt
  • Fruits
  • Oatmeal

While on the journey to living a healthier lifestyle, avoiding unhealthy foods is essential. These foods consist of excess fats, processed sugars, and simple carbohydrates. When consumed excessively, many adverse health conditions can arise. Poor food choices can cause unwanted weight gain, which can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic illnesses.

Which Exercises Can I Consider for Problematic Areas?

Exercising is imperative to any healthy lifestyle. It provides “feel good” hormones known as endorphins that help boost your mood.  Additionally, it is critical to achieving the body you desire. By modifying exercises to target stubborn areas, you can combat them more efficiently. offers some great exercises that help you combat troubled areas of your body. For instance, those with arm flab can try the reclining triceps press, whereas those with stubborn inner thigh fat can practice the side and crossover lunge. If love handles are an issue, the T-rotation balance will help you feel the burn.

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About Bodify CoolSculpting Spa

It’s a big deal when you decide to have CoolSculpting and permanently remove unwanted fat. Other medical spas in Arizona offer CoolSculpting and various other services. While a full-service clinic may seem logical, Bodify is adamant that focusing on ONE technology will give you the best results. You’ll be happy to know our CoolSculpting certified team has performed nearly 40,000 treatments for both men and women, and that number keeps growing. Day in and day out, CoolSculpting is all we do, and to say we know it like the back of our hand is an understatement. Each member of the Bodify team has personally undergone CoolSculpting. For some of us… more times than we care to admit!

Every member of the Bodify team has sat on the other side of the table. We understand the intimidation that accompanies bearing your body. We know the fear of admitting the struggle of not seeing the changes you want through diet and exercise alone. We also understand the uncertainty of undergoing a new procedure. Our reputation among Allergan and other CoolSculpting providers is humbling and exciting. Hundreds of other CoolSculpting providers approached us and asked if we could teach them what we know so they could get their clients exceptional results and deliver a better client experience. We now host monthly training courses through our Bodify Academy. We have 3 Locations to serve you: Bodify Phoenix CoolSculpting, Bodify Gilbert CoolSulpting & Bodify Scottsdale CoolSculpting.