CoolSculpting treatments and resultsDo I Need 1 or Two CoolSculpting Treatments To Get Great Results?

Like many questions, this one has an “it depends” answer.

What Bodify can share, is that each and every time you invest in a CoolSculpting treatment, the area(s) treated will see a 20-25% reduction of fat. So while, you don’t need more than one round/session of CoolSculpting to see your amazing CoolSculpting pictures results, if you opt to do a second round, your results will be more dramatic.

With a 2nd treatment, you will see an additional 20-25% reduction of fat in the area(s) treated, so in total, you can see a 40-50% reduction, visually that make a huge difference and gives our clients the wow CoolSculpting results they are after.

There is no right or wrong, it is up to the client. Of course, at Bodify, we are open, honest and transparent if a person comes in and has the type and amount of tissue that really needs two rounds to make a great and noticeable difference, we will tell you.

We are in the business of delivering on our promises and exceeding your expectations so we will also let you know what areas on your body are best suited for CoolSculpting and if any areas aren’t good body contouring and fat freezing candidates, so you can rest assured if you freeze with us, you’ll get visible results.

So many of our clients have commented on our no-pressure, transparent and non-judgmental environment. They come to us because we are the CoolSculpting pros and experts, we do right by our clients and never tell someone they need more rounds than necessary or that they ought to treat an area if it’s not a fit.

Our business is your body. As of Oct 2017, we have done 12,000 treatments. We’ve built a business on referrals, word of mouth, repeat clients and offering exceptional results and a to-notch experience to each and every person who steps into our office.

Click HERE to schedule a complimentary consult at Bodify, AZ’s #1 CoolSculpting provider that has earned over 500 Five Star reviews and gets its clients amazing results and guarantees if you freeze at Bodify you will see great results in your CoolSculpting after pictures or we re-treat you for free.