too much fat for CoolSculptingYou are NOT alone is asking this question. When we are in our own body, we can be tough on ourselves and wonder if we are too far away from an ideal and healthy weight to take advantage of a safe, effective and also fat freezing technology, best known as CoolSculpting, to help say adios to those less than loveable parts.

It’s important not only do research and look at CoolSculpting results, providers and costs, but to actually book a consult at an office so they can do an assessment, map out a custom body contouring plan, show you before and after photos of their CoolSculpting clients and see if you are a candidate for the world’s #1 non-invasive fat-reduction technology.

We can’t express the importance of this enough. So often people will come in a bit reluctantly and say “I think I’m too fat for CoolSculpting” when in fact they have perfect tissue and are the exact type of individual CoolSculpting results show best on.

People hold excess weight differently, someone can be 10 pounds from a healthy weight and look larger while someone else can be 20 pounds from their ideal weight and the extra fat is evenly distributed and looks great.

Most of our clients are 5 to 40 pounds from a healthy weight and have 1 or more spots on their body that don’t seem to respond to diet and exercise efforts. People often articulate “even when I was young, I had fat there” or “as I aged, it just got worse and I didn’t do anything differently” or “after my 1…2…3 child, my body never bounced back” or “after I graduated from college, got married and started to work all the time, my body shifted in ways I am not happy about.”

Regardless if you resonate with one of the above statements or you simply are just sick up and fed of looking in the mirror and not loving the reflection, CoolSculpting also known as body sculpting, body contouring, fat freezing, and cold sculpting is a fabulous technology that helps give you lasting results.

Make sure you take the Am I A Candidate Quiz HERE and schedule your complimentary consult so you can discover if freezing your fat away and have fabulous CoolSculpting results is a fit for you.

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