maximize resultsAfter 12,000 CoolSculpting procedures and 3 years in business being the #1 CoolSculpting provider in AZ and top 1% in the nation, Bodify has learned a thing or two about how to get our clients excellent CoolSculpting results so their CoolSculpting after photos/pictures are incredible and long lasting.

Our clients come in frustrated with one or more areas of their body and 4 months down the road, are thrilled with how much better they look and feel in their clothes.

Drives us nuts when a person comes to us who has done CoolSculpting at another location, but is now in our office because we are the best, guarantee a result and because they are disappointed with the lack of CoolSculpting results the other provider was able to produce.

Word of mouth is powerful and people either come to us first to get great results or second because they are so angry about outcomes from other offices they want the best!

Yes, a CoolSculpting machine is a CoolSculpting machine, but not all providers are created equally.

Think about a surgeon, the same scalpel can produce dramatically different outcomes. Our CoolSculpting after photos show you just how skilled we are at delivering on our promises and ensuring your CoolSculpting results rock, are visible and help you feel best and most confident in your skin.

When you come into the office we will talk to you about two very very very important things to do post CoolSculpting treatment that will not only accelerate your results but enhance them as well.

It’s a shame most CoolSculpting providers don’t know and implement them. We do, because we have done 1000s of treatments and pay close attention to best practices and which clients get average and better than average results. This has allowed us to create a post treatment protocol that will give you even better CoolSculpting results.

Don’t worry, we give you a take home sheet and even call you two days after your treatment to ensure you are doing the 2 very important things that will help you achieve the wow results you are looking for.

Click HERE to schedule a complimentary consult at Bodify, AZ’s #1 CoolSculpting provider that has earned over 500 Five Star reviews and gets its clients amazing results and guarantees if you freeze at Bodify you will see great results in your CoolSculpting after pictures or we re-treat you for free.