appearance linked to attitudesChapman University has just released a new study that links happiness and life satisfaction to appearance and weight. It should come as no surprise that researchers found a strong correlation between how you look and how you feel about life.

What the Study Found

More than 12,000 Americans were asked questions about self-esteem, television viewing, feelings about romantic relationships, personal characteristics, and overall satisfaction. Researchers learned that body dissatisfaction is a prevalent problem among both men and women. Women wanted to be thinner while men wished for lower body fat and more toned muscles.

Overall satisfaction with body appearance was the second strongest predictor of life satisfaction for men, surprisingly ranking higher than for women, who listed it third. Only half of the participants felt somewhat to extremely satisfied with their appearance overall, according to the study.

When respondents were unhappy with their weight, there tended to be a correlation with a number of other factors in their lives, including dissatisfaction with their sex lives and lower self-esteem. It followed that those people who were less confident in how they felt also were anxious about their relationships and feared their partners might leave due to the fact that they were overweight or not as in shape as they’d like to be.

When You Look Better, You Feel Better

As the Chapman University study pointed out, when you need to lose weight—or at least think that you do—you tend to lack a positive attitude about life. Naturally, then, when you are closer to your ideal, you’re going to feel better about yourself and life in general. The researchers found that respondents who were more satisfied with their appearance also enjoyed higher self-esteem and were generally happier with their sex lives, friendly and romantic relationships, family, financial situation, and overall life satisfaction.

So when you look your best, you feel better about life. In short, you’re happier.

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When you look in the mirror, how do you feel about yourself? If you feel less than happy about your visage, the likelihood is that your attitude about your looks will overflow into your attitude about life in general. Poor self-esteem means strained at home and work life, impaired relationships, and not being as happy as you possibly can.

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