man exercisingFrom out standpoint, no! The vast majority of our clients eat well (mostly, yes we can all have a beer or piece of pizza everyone once in a while without beating ourselves up) and have an active lifestyle. Regardless if they hit the gym, walk or just run around all day long with work and life, our clients struggle with resistant fat in spite of their efforts.

Age, genetics and changing hormones play a huge role in how and when we start to carry unwanted fat. You could be doing the exact same level of exercise you did years ago and your eating can be the same, but your metabolism slows and all the sudden your body shifts in unwanted ways and you feel stuck.

Everyday people do things that make them look and feel better. The outfits we wear, how we do our hair, the skin products and make up we used all steam from a desire to look and feel our best and improve confidence. Going to the gym and eating well plays a big role too, so why not utilize CoolSculpting, also known as fat-freezing, body sculpting, cold body sculpting and body conturing to help you shape those parts that seem to change over the years and flat out ignore your efforts.

Good, bad, right or wrong how we feel in our own skin impacts how we operate in the world.

So we are all for freezing that stubborn fat if it helps you feel like a  better more confident mom, dad, sister, brother, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend and human being.

Bodify has a beautiful location with no pressure and no judgment so you can come in, be assessed and find out if CoolSculpting is a fit for you. Once we freeze those fat cells, they are gone for good so don’t be surprised if you end up loving this fat freezing body shaping technology as much as we do!

Click HERE to schedule your complimentary consult. These consults provide a no pressure and non-judgmental environment for you to ask any and all CoolSculpting questions, get a custom assessment, find out exact pricing and book your treatments using Bodify’s 4 machines, ManCave or luxurious spa like rooms if it’s a fit for you!