Is CoolSculpting Vain? Shouldn’t I Just Be Happy In My Skin?

This is such a great question and one we see people internally wrestle with. Of course we sell CoolSculpting, in fact we are the #1 provider in AZ based on number of freeze freezing treatments we’ve done (yup we’ve transformed a lot of bodies with this amazing non-invasive fat removal technology)!

However even with that said we truly believe feeling good in your own skin is imperative. Good, bad, right, or wrong, how you feel in your skin and clothes when you wake up in the morning, can impact every interaction you have that day.

Think about it, imagine you put your jeans on and they feel tighter than last week, is your gut reaction feel good, are you upbeat, kind and positive? Or is there a little cloud of darkness that starts your day off on the wrong foot? Don’t beat yourself up, it’s human nature.

Now let’s say the pants are looser than you remember, how do you feel now? New spring in your step, proud, upbeat, etc.?! You bet you do and that’s great.

People spend money every single day on products and services in an effort to feel good about their hair, skin, body, teeth, etc. using CoolSculpting to help you feel good is not vain, it’s simply a choice that over 8 million people have made because they needed a little extra help, diet and exercise and lifestyle alone weren’t cutting it!

We’ve done over 18,000 treatments and our favorite moments are when we do follow up photos with our clients and watch their reactions and hear about how they feel different now they don’t have that little extra pocket on said body part. It changes lives, confidence, self-perception, your ability to interact with others and present yourself to the world in a way that matches who you are. We feel this is a huge gift for us to be able to offer to others and for people to do for themselves.

Everything we do on a daily basis is in an effort to feel better, why not add CoolSculpting to your arsenal?!

Can’t wait to hear from you!