coolsculpting worksWe’ve recently answered the question Does CoolSculpting Really Work? but you may still have lingering thoughts about how the process works and how effective it is.

Refinery29 broached this exact topic in the article Can You Really Kill Your Fat Cells? There’s some interesting information in the story, and some of it might be intriguing to you if you’re considering choosing CoolSculpting to reach your body-image goals.

As a start, the article states: “The number of treatments performed in the US has more than doubled since 2012, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.” By treatments, they mean non-invasive procedures designed to kill fat cells. That’s huge. And it means you’re in good company.

What to Expect

You probably already understand what fat freezing does, but if not, here’s a quick recap. By applying concentrated cold to a certain area, the fat cells there freeze, eventually exiting the body naturally. Since we have a static amount of fat cells in our bodies (that expand or reduce in size based on diet and exercise), eliminating those fat cells results in fewer inches.

What a fat-freezing process is not intended for, however, is large weight loss. While a surgical option—even one that’s minimally invasive—can result in a noticeable reduction in weight, fat freezing is about reducing inches. And while results can be seen after one treatment, the “wow” factor, as the article points out, usually isn’t apparent until two or three treatments.

Experts Weigh In

Karyn Grossman, MD, a dermatologist quoted in the article, pointed out that the procedure works best for extra inches in the stomach, abdomen, back, inner and outer thighs, around the bra area, under the chin, and above the knees. Most people don’t experience any pain with the procedure, although some have reported numbness or mild bruising afterward.

Since the process involved in CoolSculpting requires sucking the fat into the machine, a vacuum process, people who have abdominal hernias are not good subjects for the suction applicator. However Bodify and other very experienced offices can use the CoolSmooth pro on in order to achieve amazing results. Other than that, there are no health considerations that would make someone ineligible for the procedure.

Long-term Effects

While the frozen fat cells are flushed from the body in about 8-16 weeks, that doesn’t mean you can never get fat again. Your body will retain fat cells, and they will expand if you feed them. So yes, the effects are definitely permanent (you can’t grow more fat cells), but your body may work against you if you don’t keep up with your healthy routines.

The good thing is that the procedure is safe. Not only is it non invasive, but it’s also FDA approved and requires no downtime. You can complete a treatment during your lunch hour and continue working during the afternoon!

Ready to Reach Your Goals?

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