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Game Day

It’s Sunday—game day. The fall air is settling in, friends are on the way over, and snacks are on the coffee table. It’s been a busy morning after a late night, and the gym is not happening today. Nachos, wings, and chili are on the menu. As the game starts, excitement is high as the heroes come onto the field. Their bodies are in top shape from hours of workouts and training. As you indulge in football fare, a drip of cheese lands on your belly. You look down and realize that belly was not there just few years ago. Ugh.

Back to the gym. It’s been a struggle getting here at lunch in the middle of a busy day. It’s a great gym with lots of awesome equipment, and not cheap. At the end of a tough workout, your body feels good and refreshed. Promises are made to come at least three times this week. If you could just get over the hump and lose those first 10 pounds, it would make it so much easier to get to the gym and feel like you are making progress. You got this.

Sound familiar?

Kickstart Your Success

We’ve all been there! In our busy world today, it’s a huge effort to make time for you and your health, especially for men who have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders with relationships, marriage and kids, and careers. When we do have time to see our friends, it usually involves food and drinks. Weight gain can creep up on us, and we all need support with making healthy choices. If you are looking for a kickstart, it’s a good time to get creative.

CoolSculpting: Not Just for Women

A great way to get started on your journey is to book your introductory consultation with Bodify, Phoenix’s premier CoolSculpting boutique. And don’t worry: It’s not just for women! This non-invasive procedure freezes fat cells in targeted areas, and they are naturally flushed from the body during the course of the next couple of months. Whatever area you’re having the most troubles with—belly, or love handles—can be taken care of in a matter of a few months. Downtime is minimal too! Clients love results and walk around with more confidence and natural looking results.

Okay, we know that as a man, you might feel weird about going to a “spa,” so we have created a place just for you. We call it the ManCave—and it’s awesome. Relax in front of our big-screen TVs to watch a game, or enjoy free Wi-Fi and get caught up on work. We want to make it comfortable for men to benefit from the same treatments that women already enjoy. There is no shame in wanting to look as good as you can!

Start Making Small Changes

After your first treatment at Bodify, you’ll start to see results within 2-4 months. And that push will give you the impetus you need to move forward in all the other areas you should be taking to support your efforts. Keep exercising and eating right as you continue on your journey because those long-term changes, taken a step at a time, will make your goals that much more attainable.

Take a Walk!
For example, walking during your lunch hour is a great way to burn some calories during the day. It’s also a good stress reliever. Stress contributes to stubborn hard-to-lose fat by activating your stress hormone called cortisol. Reducing stress will improve your CoolSculpting results!

Swap Out Snacks!
Love nachos on game day? Try swapping out the chips with brown ricecakes, add some melted low-fat cheese, and fat-free salsa. Don’t forget the guacamole: avocados have good fat to keep you from eating too much. Also, grab some baby carrots and hummus instead of ranch dip. Hummus is high in protein and fiber—you can basically eat as much as you want of it.

Go to Bed!
Yup, just like mom always said, go to bed. Don’t stay up too late watching TV or that movie you have seen a million times that’s on cable. Turn out the light and catch some zzzz’s before you miss the window of sleep and start getting hungry for a midnight snack. While you rest, your frozen fat cell will start flushing out of your system. This is an important part of achieving the best results possible!

Don’t Give Up

As you start to see results, don’t stop. Keep going! You may want to schedule another treatment session at Bodify, take a longer walk during lunch, and start coming up with your own snack swaps. Also, with Bodify’s Beautiful Results Promise, we guarantee you will love what you see. So the next time game day rolls around, have confidence that you are in it to win it with your CoolSculpting kickoff to a championship season!