At Bodify We guarantee your fat reduction results. You’ve worked hard to be able to invest in Bodify transformation with CoolSculpting and we think you deserve to get what you pay for!

Not all CoolSculpting providers are equal and not all have the new CoolSculpting elite, if you want the best when it comes to non-invasive fat reduction, Elite is the machine and Bodify is your clinic!

The CoolSculpting Elite System, in our experience is getting our clients and better results- is new and improved technology which always comes with an investment, but at Bodify we are waiving the CoolSculpting Elite upgrade fee so you can get better and faster fat reduction for the same great and affordable price!

NO! CoolSculpting is an art. If you broke your hand would you go to a generalist or a specialist. A HUGE % of your reduction depends on who does the treatment, which applicators they select, how they place the applicators, how they’d administer the post treatment massage and if they do or don’t give you two very important take home instructions. Leave fat freezing to the experts and remember you always get what you pay for.

Bodify is the first practice in AZ to have the new and improve CoolSculpting Elite system. It freeze your fat and gets you better and faster results. Not all providers have made the upgrade, but we think you deserve the best in non-invasive fat-reduction so we’ve got you covered with the Elite.

“Love this question! The answer is YES! However you must do your part. The fat cells we kill with CoolSculpting Elite, will flush out of your body, and once gone, they are gone for good. However we do not KILL all the fat cells, so if you fall of the wagon and gain weight, the remaining fat cells will happy expand and prevent you from loving your results.

I am going to use made up numbers to illustrate. Let’s say you have 100 fat cells in your stomach after two treatments you will have 60 fat cells in your stomach the 40 fat cells we killed will never come back however if you gain weight the remaining 60 fat cells can certainly expand which will not allow you to fully appreciate your CoolSculpting Elite Results”

Look no technology, product or service under the sun works for 100% of the people 100% of the time, that’s why we have our Beautiful Results Promise and guarantee your fat reduction results. If we don’t see the anticipated reduction and you’ve maintained your weight, we’ll happily retreat you for free.

“We wish we had a dollar for every time someone asked us this question our answer has always
been the same we find CoolSculpting Elite tobe ridiculously consistent and predictable with the new CoolSculpting Elite system the results are even faster and better. We guarantee results and continue to achieve them for our clients. If this is not true we would be out of business instead of continually growing and freezing more fat”

NO. CoolTone is 100% about toning, strengthening and firming the butt, thigh and abdomen muscle. No fat reduction will results. CoolSculpting Elite is what you need if you want to see stubborn fat diminish.

CoolTone is like the gym, when you use it, you gain muscle, when you stop, your progress doesn’t too and muscles begin to atrophy. So you need to get your baseline and then do at least monthly treatments or more frequently to keep the results you love

CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting Elite are 100% about fat reduction, getting those stubborn pockets of fat to shrink. CoolTone uses magnetic muscle stimulation to get your muscles to involuntarily contract. 20,000 times in 20-30 minutes. Which with make you more toned, stronger and firmer in your abs, legs and buttocks.

We love to set proper expectations with the CoolSculpting device only 10% of our clients saw and felt at change 4 weeks after the first treatment session, now with the new CoolSculpting Elite, our clients are seeing and feeling changes at 4 weeks. Better and faster fat reduction here we come. Of course not everyone responds the same, so be patient as it can take up to 5 months to see full results after two treatment visits.

CoolSculpting is still the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction technology. But now with the new CoolSculpting Elite- it’s EVEN better and getting more dramatic results. How’s that for cool?! Bodify is one of 11 practices in the nation asked to pilot it and now that it is commercially available we are thrilled to offer it to our phoenix, scottsdale, arcadia, gilbert and Arizona clients.

CoolTone will make you feel stronger, more tone and firm. For some clients, who are very lean, they will see visible definition after doing a series of 8 treatments with CoolTone. Many of our clients say they feel decreased back pain.

We Welcome you explore our beautiful fat freezing office that offers CoolSculpting Elite.

CoolTone is about muscle strengthen, toning and tightening. CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting elite are about fat reduction. You can use both modalities but if you want fat reduction you must do CoolSculpting elite and if you want muscle stimulation you must do CoolTone.

Our goal for every interaction is to leave an individual better than when we found them even if this just means a smile on their face. We have been incredibly intentional in crafting an experience that we are not only proud of but leaves people feeling valued, cared for, and appreciated. Everything from the type of glassware someone is offered at the practice to our luxurious spa robes to our comfortable spa chairs and array of amenities is of paramount importance to Bodify each client receives a hand written card because we truly appreciated the time they spent with us and their decision to invest with Bodify. Over the years it has been incredibly rewarding to get to know our clients and be with them on some of the biggest journeys they’ve experienced.

After 24,000+ treatments we’ve discovered a thing or two about getting better and faster results with CoolSculpting Elite. #1 no anit-inflammatory medications, #2 massage massage massage, #3 maintain your weight to fully appreciate results.

It Takes Two- at Bodify we will never mislead you about what to expect or what you need to do to get the best and most exciting CoolSculpting Elite results. Your transformation will take place over 2 office visits, done 4-6 week apart. The fat will take 1-5 months to flush out, but one they do leave, they aren’t coming back!

“Many of our clients liken it to an intense squat or abdominal crunch. on many occasions we see our clients laugh or smile for the initial few minutes as it feels foreign to have your muscles contract involuntarily. The device has the ability to utilize different settings and you communicate with the technician throughout your treatment so it is always comfortable for you. By the end of the treatment you will be used to the sensation and as soon as the treatment is done you will categorically know your muscles were worked”

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Cooltone uses magnetic muscle stimulation or MMS essentially the device gets your glutes, thighs, or abdomen to involuntarily contract. This results in strengthening tightening and toning of the muscles. It is the perfect addition to a person who regularly works out or even for someone who doesn’t but is simply looking to feel better stronger and more firm. Your muscles will contract 20,000 times in a single session and you will feel the difference immediately

After nearly a decade of freezing fat we have found those men and women who seem unable to change trouble spots on their body despite their exercise and eating efforts are ideal for CoolSculpting. This technology uniquely targets that in a way a person isn’t able to through diet and exercise alone. Regardless if age, genetics, or a slew of other factors is impacting your ability to reshape your body, CoolSculpting Elite can help

Bodify has been a super user of CoolSculpting Elite from the beginning with 23,000 treatments under our belts and before and after photos that speak for themselves we were selected along with nine other practices to test the new CoolSculpting Elite technology. We are now one of the only practices in Arizona to have this new device we feel our clients deserve the best so of course we invest in the best. We guarantee results, exclusively focus on body contouring, and have an exceptional reputation for delivering on your fat reduction goals.

No the treatment follows an algorithm and part of the treatment session uses a series of tapping in order to prevent the buildup of lactic acid. The next day your muscles may feel a bit fatigued and tired but you will not feel sore.

We consistently hear from our clients that they feel stronger, more toned and more firm in the areas we treat we have also heard that back pain can be minimized along with sciatic pain and other general aches and pains. The great news is you will feel the difference after a single session in order to maintain that feeling people continue enthusiastically with the treatment. Most people do not see visual changes as they have a layer of fat on top of the muscle that prevents this.

For best results and to establish a baseline, we know that 8 treatments done over the course of 4 weeks is ideal. After that in order to continue to appreciate your new stronger and more tone butt, thighs, and abdomen you need to come in at least once a month- or more if desired