freeze your fatWhile CoolSculpting may have many names, nothing, no technology, diet or exercise routine can compare to the results you get from CoolSculpting.

Regardless if you treat your abdomen, inner or outer things, knees, bra line, chin, back fat, pecs, love handles, flanks, saddlebag or armpit fat, CoolSculpting changes the body in ways other technologies and activates dream of.

My sister and I own Bodify, a CoolSculpting only boutique, and we looked at 100s of options before electing CoolSculpting.

What we loved most, CoolSculpting is safe, effective, non-invasive and truly changes the parts on our body that seem to be resistant to any eating or exercise changes or routines we have.

So many clients struggle and don’t understand why years ago they maintained the same level of activity and eating habits but now, the body doesn’t seem to like these same routines and begins to shift.

Perhaps excess fat has shown up on your legs, arms, chin, abdomen, knees, or some other area. It almost seems to come out of the blue. Genetics, aging and hormonal changes play a huge role in body shifts, and in most cases, they are unwanted.

CoolSculpting comes to the rescue, our CoolSculpting reviews, photos, body sculpting pictures, fat freezing testimonials and more prove that if non-invasive fat-reduction is what you are after, Bodify and CoolSculpting could be the perfect solution for you.

Click HERE to schedule your complimentary consult. These consults provide a no pressure and non-judgmental environment for you to ask any and all CoolSculpting questions, get a custom assessment, find out exact pricing and book your treatments using Bodify’s 4 machines, ManCave or luxurious spa like rooms if it’s a fit for you!